Recruitment for IVI Platform 2016 started (First published in Japanese in September, 2016)

The recruitment guidance for the IVI platform has been completed. It will start accepting on September 12.

Primary recruiting deadline: September 30, 2016

Second deadline: October 31, 2016

Application Requirements:

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  In the first year, IVI presented 20 business scenarios in line with the needs of the manufacturing industry, and implemented IT / IoT mechanisms to match them. In the second year of this year , more than 25 business scenarios have been proposed. In order to connect such data in the field, each component needs to partially publish their specifications, and the platformer must take part of the role of connecting those components on behalf of the user.

  Therefore, at IVI , IT / IoT technology members provide such components as a platform to refine technologies that are more actively connected through open IVI field trials, and at the same time, We want to support business development as a platform for the manufacturing industry that includes bottom-up elements such as on-site kaizen instead of top-down platforms.

 Please apply for IVI platform 2016.

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