IVI Open Symposium 2021-Spring-, Videos of the symposium available on the web

The videos of IVI Open Symposium 2021 -Spring-, held online on March 11 and 12, are now available on the web as an archive. Click on the icons to see the videos.

Program day 1

Program day 2

[Program Day 1]

“With Corona and Post Corona: Issues and Policies for Japan’s Manufacturing Industry”
Toshimitsu Fujiki Director-General, Manufacturing Industries Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

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[Invited Lecture]
“Life-size Digital Transformation (DX) with a touch”
Satoshi Nagashima President, Kizuki Architect Inc. (Senior Advisor, Roland Berger Holding GmbH)

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[IVI Opinion]
“Will the Japanese manufacturing industry become a subcontractor of GAFA? -The Power of Software and Organizational Intelligence-”
Yasuyuki Nishioka IVI President (Professor, Hosei University)
[Activity Report]
“Business Scenario 2020 Digest”
Hiroyuki Mizuno Chairman, IVI Business Collaboration Committee (CKD)
[Special Lecture]
“Narrative Manufacturing: The Future of Manufacturing Industry Proposed by the Engineering Academy of Japan”
Naoya Sasaki Leader, Future Manufacturing Project, Engineering Academy of Japan (Chief Engineer , Research and Development Group, Hitachi, Ltd.)

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“Regional Collaboration in the Digital Age From Japan to the World”, IVI in Japan & Thailand (Live  Streaming in Bangkok, Thailand)
Yasutaka Koga Technical Director, IVI
Nakarin Homdee TPA instructor

Yuichiro Tanaka Chief, Toritori Prefecture Industrial Promotion Organization

[Data Trading]
“Business Introduction of Connected Industries Open Framework”
Yuji Watanabe Director of Secretariat, IVI
[Demonstration experiment report]
“Six Scenarios of Data Trading in the Manufacturing Industries – First Release of Data Trading Application-”
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[Panel Discussion]
“What are the conditions for the spread of the business model of service oriented manufacturing and inter-company industry collaborations?”
Moderator: Hideaki Nishimura, IVI Chief Organizer (Brother Industries, Ltd.)
Panelists: Osamu Horimizu (Hitachi, Ltd.)
Hidenori Ichimoto (Mazda)
Seki Yukihide (NEC)


[Program Day 2]

[Business scenario A] Future Manufacturing Created by ICT
 Part1 “Create the Future with Sensor Data Utilizung” 
 ■ IVI-type Manufacturing Evolution with Edge AI and Data Distribution
Yasuo Matsuoka (6E03 Facilitator, AGS Leader, Sensor Data Utilization, Toshiba)
 Part2 “Three Goals that Proved Evolution” 
 ■ Application to CMP Polishing Process Monitoring of Semiconductors
Hiroshi Otaki (6E03-1 Facilitator, Ebara Corporation)
 ■ Defect Detection of High Speed Press Machine by AE Sensor
Hiroshi Yoshikawa (6E03-2 Facilitator, Miszu Industries)
 ■ In-process management of servo press machine by 5G
Yuji Kinoshita (6E03-3 facilitator, Keyes Tech)
[Business Scenario B] Next Normal, Our Digital Government
 Part1 “Ace of Zone, Putting the Ace in the Hole of ICT Operations” 
  ■ Automation of Parts Storage Logistics by Remote Operation of Transport Machine
Yoshiharu Fujii (6C01 Facilitator, Mazda)
  ■ Realization of Low-Cost Information Acquisition for Product Management
Hiroshi Tozuka (6A04 Facilitator, Leimac)
  ■ How to Connect for Mass Customization
Hiroshi Yamamoto (6E02 Facilitator, IHI)
 Part2 “Unification of Commands by Work Analysis” 
  ■ Visualization of Achievements of Humans and Things-Ⅲ (Next-Generation IE Pursuit)
Arata Yoshioka (6C03 facilitator, Mazda)
  ■  Improvement of Work Efficiency by Visualization of Process Capability
Ryosuke Fujita (6C05 Facilitator, Kobe Steel)
  ■ Innovation of “Transportation of Things” that Does Not Create Value- Analysis
Keisuke Oshima (6E01 Facilitator, SERENDIP HOLDINGS)
[Manufacturing site streaming]
-Telework of Skillful Welding Technology- Demonstration of Collaboration among Companies using CIOF
Creative Works, Konno Corporation, A.I.S Co.,Ltd., ApstoWeb

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[Short Talk]
“With Corona’s Supply Chain and Corporate Collaboration”
Osamu Horimizu Chief ASG, New Age SC and Corporate Collaboration (IVI Fellow / Director, Hitachi, Ltd.)
[Business scenario C] Accumulation of  Know-How through PoC
 Part1 “Protect Quality with Timely Feedback” 
  ■ Improving Quality of Die-cast Cylinder Block Materials
Shota Miyamoto (6A03, Mazda)
  ■  Remote Manufacturing Process (Visual Inspection)
Hiroshi Seto (6C04 facilitator, Nikon)
  ■ Inspection Automation Platform, Heaven of Use

Sho Honda (6A01 Facilitator, CKD)

 Part2 “Try Everything,  as Many Troubles as Experienced” 
  ■ On-site Support by Edge and Remote Communication
Yasuhiro Yoshimoto (6A02 Facilitator, Mitsubishi Electric)
  ■ Predictive Maintenance of Consumable Parts of Production Machines
Atsushi Morishita (6B01 Facilitator, KURITA SANGYOH)
  ■ Improving Productivity of Production Lines by AI
Shinsaku Tanaka Nozomi Kageyama (6C02, Mazda)
[New Project Start]
“Value Chain among Companies by APS (Production Planning / Scheduling) / International Standard PSLX from Japan”
Yasuyuki Nishioka President, IVI (Professor, Hosei University, Vice Chairman of Manufacturing, APS Promotion Organization, Representative, PSLX Forum Founder)
Yoshihiko Watanabe Chairman, IVI Education Promotion Committee (Izu Giken Kogyo)