IIC & IVI joint use cases share Seminar, Guidance (First published in Japanese in April, 2018)

  Industrial Internet Consortium (hereinafter, IIC ) and the Industrial IoT ( IIoT ) agreement to work together in promoting ( MoU signed in) in Hanover, Germany on April 26, 2018. Based on this agreement, this time, the first 2 rounds of IIC and IVI we have decided to implement a joint seminar. This is an event that can be widely attended by non- IIC and IVI members. You can share IIC and IVI activities, test bed activities conducted by IIC , and work scenario WG activities conducted by IVI. It becomes a place.

  Although I think that it is a frequent use, I would like to take this opportunity to participate in the IIC and IVI use case sharing seminar.

◆ date and time: June 1, 2018 (Friday) 13:15 ~17:20 (Registration starts at 13:00)

◆ Venue: Tokyo Big Sight 1 floor Reception Hall A

◆ Capacity: 420 people (can participate widely besides IIC and IVI members) * Simultaneous interpretation provided

◆ How to apply – IVI members (who have a member account): Please apply from the IVI member-only page. -Non -members / IVI members who do not have a member account : Register in advance for the joint exhibition “Smart Factory Japan 2018 ” and apply from there. 

For more information, see;
Program ( PDF )

Contact: IVI Secretariat