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    FAQ about application to IVI Platform created (First published in Japanese in September, 2016)

      We have created a collection of frequently asked questions for platform companies that are preparing to apply for the IVI Platform. In addition, when you apply, you have to select up to three platform categories as reference information. Please refer to the contents of each category for explanation.


    Frequently asked questions

    Platform category overview

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    IVI Newsletter Vol.8 (September 20, 2016)

    IVI Symposium 2016 –Autumn- (October 13, 2019)

      As an interim report on activities in FY2016, IVI will report on the current fiscal year’s efforts as a public symposium. This time, we have a wide range of high-density contents such as explanations about the new IVI platform, more than 20 new business scenario WG interim reports, and the latest German situation report.

      Date: October 13 ( Thursday ) 9:30 ~17:00 ( 9:00 start accepting)

      Venue : TKP Ichigaya Conference Center ( 5- minute walk from JR Ichigaya Station ) 


      Participation fee: Free (The social gathering is a membership fee system )

    * As seats are limited, please apply as soon as possible.
    First-come-first-served basis. [ Capacity morning 450 people, afternoon 250 people × 2 venue ] It should be noted that the program might be changed by circumstances.

    → For Program / Application, see

    Recruitment for IVI Platform 2016, started

      IVI released the basic concept of the Japanese version of “Connected Factory” platform and started to open the platform.  “ IVI Platform”, a new initiative from this fiscal year , recruits platforms in eight categories as the foundation for realizing “connected factories”, and over 25 business scenarios as the execution environment of “loose standards” We are going to prove it. Please refer to the official website for information on the “ IVI Platform” open call for participants.

    → IVI Platform 2016 public offering started here 

    IOTSWC in Barcelona 

      Of overseas IVI order to enhance our presence, Spain in Barcelona 10 May 25 ~27 World’s Largest Industrial, which will be held in the days IoT of events, ” IoT Solutions World Congress to participate in” as a partner organization. Along with the US Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) and the German Industry 4.0 platform, IVI is an event partner.

      IVI is from Axel Henning Saleck Mr., 26 days 17:45 ~18:30 in “The IVI Approach To IoT and Current Manufacturing” is scheduled to lecture entitled.

      → IOTSWC website 

      → About IOTSWC partnership 

      Please visit us if you like.

    Editor’s note

      In the 8th issue of the IVI Newsletter, we introduced the information about the autumn symposium as a topic. IVI has begun work on the IVI platform, which is expected to attract attention in the future . IVI ‘s future activities will expand more specifically and overseas. In the next issue, we will report on overseas news. We will continue to report on new initiatives in the IVI Newsletter. Please stay tuned.

    Issue: Industrial Value Chain Initiative
    Publicity Committee

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    IVI Open Symposium –Autumn- application started (First published in Japanese in September, 2016)

      General reception of IVI Open Symposium -Autumn- will start.

      This year, 25 new business scenarios (use cases) will be introduced with videos. In addition, the details of the IVI platform and how to proceed are also available. As soon as it becomes full, it will be closed, so please apply as soon as possible.

    • Date and time: October 13, 2016  9:30 ~17:00 (Registration starts 9:00 )
    • Location: TKP Ichigaya Conference Center ( 2 minutes on foot from JR Ichigaya Station )


    Go to symposium page

    Go to the application page

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    IVI President Nishioka visited Platform Industry 4.0 (First published in Japanese in September, 2016)

      Platform Industry in Berlin, Germany 4.0 office of IVI President Yasuyuki Nishioka and Axel Saleck Mr. ( IVI visited in the evangelist), the Secretary-General Henning Banthien Mr., and the German Federal Energy I interviewed Jan Siedentopp , the ministry’s Secretary for Industry 4.0 on September 13, 2016. 

      First , the IVI side explained the history of the activities so far, especially the scenario-based U-scale description method and the results of SMEs participating in the activities of the working group very actively with shoulders from large corporate members. I explained that I was raising. The German side is particularly focused on supporting SMEs, and there are expectations that the results of these activities and the process itself will be developed into exchanges at each member level. It was.

      In addition, IVI presented the reference models for the eight platforms as part of this year’s work, and introduced how the platformers can handle use cases based on these models. Since the IVI model is likely to be consistent with the RAMI model, there was a comment that first of all we expect the results of March next year, while also considering the collaboration with the standardization activities being promoted by WG1 . .

      The German side asked about the relationship between IVI and RRI in Japan and the future international development of IVI . As for the former, IVI is good at accumulating needs on a private basis from the bottom up . On the other hand, RRI is leading a large framework such as responding to government measures and cooperation with other countries , but both are very Explained that this is a cooperative and complementary relationship. He explained that the latter is currently passive because of the lack of human resources, but that he will continue to actively communicate, such as IIC and IOTSWC in Barcelona in October .

      In this meeting, over 90 minutes, in addition to the above, it was a rough talk about various circumstances and concerns about how to proceed, and we were able to build a mutual trust relationship at the top level. In addition, in particular, IVI about the activities of, in Germany LABS network and IIC test bed with a slightly different part of, until now did so did not I have you quite understand, this time IVI and the whole scheme of activities They seemed to have a good understanding of the flow of construction and implementation of business scenarios starting from the troubles of the field, and to be able to evaluate their concreteness and effectiveness very much.

      In the future, METI and RRI under the leadership of, 10 of May CEATEC JAPAN , next year 3 of the March CeBIT at the time of going back and forth to each other, etc., that they want to deepen further specific discussion, IVI as He responded that he wanted to expand the international network while doing as much as possible.

      From left : Mr. Saleck , IVI President Nishioka, Executive Director Banthien , Mr. Siedentopp

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    Recruitment for IVI Platform 2016 started (First published in Japanese in September, 2016)

    The recruitment guidance for the IVI platform has been completed. It will start accepting on September 12.

    Primary recruiting deadline: September 30, 2016

    Second deadline: October 31, 2016

    Application Requirements:

    Click here for frequently asked questions

      In the first year, IVI presented 20 business scenarios in line with the needs of the manufacturing industry, and implemented IT / IoT mechanisms to match them. In the second year of this year , more than 25 business scenarios have been proposed. In order to connect such data in the field, each component needs to partially publish their specifications, and the platformer must take part of the role of connecting those components on behalf of the user.

      Therefore, at IVI , IT / IoT technology members provide such components as a platform to refine technologies that are more actively connected through open IVI field trials, and at the same time, We want to support business development as a platform for the manufacturing industry that includes bottom-up elements such as on-site kaizen instead of top-down platforms.

     Please apply for IVI platform 2016.

     Download file contents

    1) Application guidelines (pamphlet)

    2) Recruitment information ( PPT )

    3) Platform-related rules

    4) Application form

    Click here for batch download

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    IOTSWC in Barcelona, participation as a partner organization determined (October 25-27, 2016)

      IVI was selected as a partner organization for the Internet of Things Solutions World Congress ( IOTSWC ), the world’s largest industrial IoT event.

      IoT Solution World Congress 2016

      Period:  October 25 to 27, 2016 

      Location: Barcelona, Spain Fira Gran Via, Hall 1

      (Av. Joan Carles I, 64, 08908 L’Hospitalet de Llobregat , Barcelona)

      Lectures and exhibitions will be held on the theme of utilizing IoT in a wide range of industries , and a testbed area will also be set up. IVI is an event partner alongside the US Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) and the German Industry 4.0 platform.

    → For IOTSWC website, go to

    → About IOTSWC Partnership, see

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    Industrial Structure Council Intellectual Property Subcommittee, the patent system Subcommittee (August 3, 2016)

      Industrial Structure Council Intellectual Property Subcommittee No. 15 times the patent system Sub-Committee ( Heisei 28 years 8 May 3 days, held at the Patent Office) Nishioka, IVI president in has received a hearing as experts. 

      In the presentation entitled “The World and the Intellectual Property System Expected by the Fourth Industrial Revolution ”, Prof. Nishioka stated that the boundary between digital and analog from the perspective of a connected factory and a platform that provides services for it. The question was raised that the redefinition of the boundary between the competitive area and the cooperative area might be an issue in the intellectual property system.

      The industry trend related to the 4th Industrial Revolution has also attracted interest from intellectual property experts, and many questions were raised and lively discussions took place. As the relationship between companies and customers becomes more complex and new forms of information that are intellectual property are generated, it is necessary to improve the laws beyond the current framework. There was also an opinion that we should go.

      I also exchanged greetings with Yoshinori Komiya, the Japan Patent Office, to cooperate in future policy proposals.

    → For more information, see Patent System Subcommittee Web page

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    IVI Newsletter Vol.7 (July 25, 2016 )

    IVI Institute Memorial Symposium (June 17, 2016)

      IVI has achieved many achievements in the year since its establishment. In order to further accelerate these activities and steadily implement new initiatives with a view to the future of manufacturing, we will start again as an industrial value chain initiative from this fiscal year.

      In conjunction with the incorporation meeting on June 18 in the day, IVI corporation Symposium “The 4 this from” begins of making industrial revolution “thing! “
    The was held at the Tokyo Big Sight. 500 customers visited.

    ■ ” 2045 Manufacturing – as seen from the future of the year IVI White Paper 2016 in than”, IVI introduced the contents of the white paper. In the IVI white paper, we will accurately grasp megatrends and predict the future of the manufacturing industry without being optimistic or pessimistic. Objectively accumulate possible possibilities, share what you see, position it as a core to connect to countermeasures, and with the emergence of a connected world, an environment where new services that have never existed is being created one after another, etc. (The IVI Whitepaper is the first to download four volumes : IoT megatrend 2045 , system theory for field studies, new collaboration with loose standards, and business scenarios for connected factories . )

    Osamu Horimizu ( Representative Secretary, IVI Executive Committee: Hitachi, Ltd.)

    ■ The platform was introduced as a new business from FY2016.


    ■ The award ceremony and commemorative presentation of the “ IVI Connected Monozukuri Award 2016 ”, which was selected from among the 20 business scenario WG activities in 2015 , was held.

    [Best Award]
    WG306: “Connected Town Factory / Imano Manufacturing Co., Ltd., etc., mainly SMEs”
    [Excellent Award]
    WG211: Standardization of working style in a factory where people and equipment collaborate / Toyota Motor,
    etc. WG108-3: Assumption MES / DENSO and other
    WG106-1 capable of responding to external conditions : Dynamic management of production lines based on actual data / Panasonic, Yokogawa Electric,
    etc. WG108-2: Autonomous MES working across companies / Kojima Press Industry ,other

    Award presenter: Tomoaki Kubo
    (IVI Advisory Committee, Secretary General of the Robot Revolution Initiative Council)

    Closing: Kazuo Miyazawa (Director: Manufacturing Science and Technology Center)

    → For information about IVI Corporation Commemorative Symposium ( Presentation materials can be viewed from the pdf mark), see

    → For download of IVI white paper, go to

    Production System Visualization Exhibition (July 21, 2016)

      All four times are full, and IVI ‘s work scenario WG report on the results of activities is a great success! –
    7 May 21 in the days Tokyo Big Sight Japan Management Association was organized “production system Visualization Exhibition (production and equipment TOKYO2016 in)”, IVI2015 fiscal business scenario WG gave the activities report of. Morning 11 o’clock in the evening 17 o’clock 50 the lecture of the minutes 4 was conducted times.

      IVI in four sessions along the announcement of the public symposium, five for each session WG were introduced to digest the activities of on May 3. This lecture needed to be pre-registered from the website, but it was all full the day before. There was reception desk on the day, but this was also almost every time. There are many people who keep listening to the 50- minute lecture while standing, and there are about 10 people who have heard all four lectures .

    → For information about Organizer report, see 

    Lecture scenery at Production System Visualization Exhibition

    Reporter: Keiichiro Nabeno

    Editor’s note

      In the 7th issue of the IVI Newsletter , we delivered mainly the report of the IVI Commemorative Symposium. This year, the number of business scenario WGs will increase, and the activities will continue to expand. We will continue to report on the new IVI in the IVI Newsletter. IVI to share the information of IVI we expect that the spread circle of activities.

      We will continue to deliver useful information to everyone, so please look forward to
    your patronage.

    Issue: Industrial Value Chain Initiative
    Publicity Committee

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    Lecture at Production System Visualization Exhibition (July 21, 2016)

    Sponsored by Japan Management Association.

    Located inside the production system visualization exhibition (production and equipment TOKYO 2016)

    [Connected factory] Manufacturing platform

    In IVI Public Symposium (March 16 make the report of the day).

    This is a report on 20 group activity results of the 2015 business scenario WG .

    Please come and visit us.

    ■ Date: July 21 (Thursday) 11: 00-16: 20

    ■ Location: Tokyo Big Sight East Hall 3

    ■ Details: Production system visualization exhibition

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    IVI business scenario book sales begun (First published in Japanese in June, 2016)

      IVI has re-started newly as a general Institute of Industrial Value Chain Initiative on June 17, 2016. The following two volumes were prepared as a result report for last year (activity as a voluntary organization). Please purchase from the secretariat. < Purchase application >

    (1) IVI business scenario collection of leading 20 use cases for manufacturing in 2015

    (2) Introduction to system construction using the “ Guide Standard”

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