Visit of Ms. Anette Kramme, Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister of Labour and Social Affairs of Germany

On October 25, 2016, Ms. Kramme and Prof. Nishioka, President of the IVI, had a meeting in Hosei University in Tokyo. The ministry initiated a public dialogue process on “Work 4.0” which provided a framework for a broad discussion on the future of work in Germany. Ms. Kramme and Prof. Nishioka intensively exchanged opinions on the labour aspect of the fourth industrial revolution. They discussed on common concerns and involved parties including employers and employee representatives in Germany and Japan. IVI’s approach and use cases drew interest of Ms. Kramme, as well as Prof. Nishioka appreciated learning from her vision and the initiative of the German ministry.

Ms. Kramme, German Parliamentary Secretary of State; Prof. Nishioka, President of IVI; and Prof. Pohl, IVI academic member. At Hosei University, Tokyo.