Advanced Study Group (ASG)

Advanced Study Group (ASG) started its activities in 2018, and seventeen subcommittees have been established so far. (As of December 2020. ASG-013 is a missing number.) Advanced Study Group works for one to three years on seeds and advanced themes that can be used to solve problems.
Some of the results will be published as white papers.

[Updated on April 19, 2021] Click here for ASG Subcommittees that are recruiting members → Advanced Research Subcommittee Selection
Overviews of six subcommittees and the contact information are posted below.

List of approved subcommittees

NumberASG nameStatusProject managerActive period
001IoT and accounting for managementActiveKoroku (Fujitsu)September 2018-
002Data ownershipInactive (ongoing in ASG-22)Matsumoto (Hitachi Solutions)September 2018-
003KPI that connects management and the factory sitesActiveHonda (Kawasaki Heavy Industries)September 2018-
004Standardization trends in smart manufacturingActiveHakuhara (Yaskawa Electric)September 2018-
005AI, Deep learning applicationInactive (ongoing in ASG-21)Hirata (Computron)May 2018-October 2021
006Use of blockchainActiveYamamoto (IHI)October 2018-
007Research on Next generation BOM / BOPInactiveNishimura (Brother Industries)May 2018-March 2020
008Robots around usActiveTomita (Yaskawa Electric)October 2018-
009Thorough use of Raspberry PiActiveIshiguro (AAC)October 2018-
0103D printer Business ModelActiveNakamura (AAC)November 2018-
011Advanced 5G useActiveNaemura (Hitachi)September 2018-
012Sensor data utilization technologyInactive (ongoing with ASG-20)Matsuoka (Toshiba)September 2018-September 2021
014Use of AR deviceActiveIchimoto (Mazda)September 2018-
015Open & Close StrategyInactiveHorimizu (Hitachi)May 2018-March 2020
016Real / Virtual Fusion Verification SystemActiveIto (Mazda)September 2018-
017General-purpose microcomputer researchInactiveUeoka (CKD)October 2018-January 2020
018After / With Corona virus/ New Normal Winning New Era SC and Corporate CollaborationActiveHorimizu (Hitachi)From August 2020
019Business Strategy Research Subcommittee that combines value chain and Rule strategyActiveMatsuoka (Toshiba)September 2021 ~
020Next-generation sensing method creation, creation research subcommitteeActiveMatsuoka (Toshiba)September 2021 ~
021AI Data Analysis Utilization Research SubcommitteeActiveHirata (Computron)November 2021 ~
022Data Sovereignty Research SubcommitteeActiveMatsumoto (Hitachi, Ltd.)November 2021 ~

Click here for white papers published in public