Business Scenarino Workgroups

The Business Scenario WGs build up real-life scenarios connecting different enterprises. These projects lead to connection models, out of which in turn the IVI reference models will emerge. The Business Scenario WGs in 2016 are:

  1. Digitalization of process information and knowhow on manufacturing
  2. Connection of information on production preparation at design change
  3. Utilization of robot program assets by CPS
  4. Agile planning of production with real-time data on workers and things
  5. Position control system for things at low cost
  6. IoT to support workers in flexible manufacturing in kinds and volume
  7. Traceability of quality data
  8. Real-time management of quality data
  9. Promotion of CPS in supply chain with standard interface
  10. Promotion of CPS in supply chain with standard interface (outbound logistics)
  11. Collaboration among companies through shared process information
  12. Managing manufacturing progress and delivery time among plants
  13. Sharing technical information for horizontal integration of SMEs
  14. Horizontal integration of SMEs and visualization of process information
  15. Service for SMEs to notice information on manufacturing progress
  16. Manufacturing innovation for interactive growth between human and plant equipment
  17. Predictive maintenance of presses and panel transportation devices
  18. Inclusive PM / Predictive maintenance for ALL
  19. Predictive maintenance system to detect signs of equipment abnormality at low cost
  20. Smart maintenance with machine IoT data
  21. Smart maintenance with digitalization of knowledge
  22. Improvement of productivity by visualization of equipment and workers
  23. Mutual accommodation of facilities through shared production information
  24. Managing actual operation status of all equipment in a plant
  25. Increasing added value of after-sales service

Platform Workgroups

For each of following categories of platforms, the Platform WGs develop reference models specifying items that a platform needs to/should fulfill as requirements from users’ points of view. They also evaluate IVI Platforms based on the reference models.

  • PF01 Production engineering information platform
  • PF02 Quality management information platform
  • PF03 Production planning and control platform
  • PF04 Supply chain management platform
  • PF05 Small sized enterprise information platform
  • PF06 Preventive maintenance platform
  • PF07 Asset and equipment management platform
  • PF08 Maintenance service management platform