Participation in the conference “Digitising Manufacturing in the G20 – Initiatives, Best Practices and Policy Approaches”

On March 16th and 17th, IVI participated in the G20 conference in Berlin which was hosted by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) in its panel discussion and booth exhibition.

Different stakeholders in the area of manufacturing digitisation including policymakers, academics, specialists in industry and initiatives from G20 countries were invited to discuss on the theme. The IVI President, Prof. Nishioka, joined a panel discussion entitled “Data sovereignty in global value networks” as a panelist. The moderator, Prof. Boris Otto from Fraunhofer ISST, and the panelists from China, Mexico and Japan shared information on national/regional activities and prerequisite for data sovereignty, and the focus of the discussion was brought to challenges such as contradiction between the needs of sharing and controlling data and international standardization as one of its possible solutions.

The IVI also took part in the exhibition where 16 initiatives from the G20 countries opened booths. The achievement of 45 scenario based use cases from the first and second years as well as the Kaizen approach applied in such activities caught visitors’ attention.

The G20 conference website:

Panel discussion “Data sovereignty in global value networks”
Booth exhibition staff of IVI