Commentary “ Possibility and challenges of IoT ” 5 (First published in Japanese in July, 2015)

  In parallel with this trend, I would like to propose two approaches in Japan. First, a business that enables small and medium-sized manufacturing companies and venture companies that are the leaders of innovation to establish equal trading with major companies using a connection system, and to connect directly with overseas companies and consumers overseas. It is to improve the infrastructure. In business development across countries, SMEs have not been on the stage due to risk and cost issues, but IoT should be able to eliminate such restrictions all at once.

  Second, in order to revitalize local economies, local development of manufacturing bases including design is planned. In the IoT era, related designers, designers, and production engineers are connected to the world beyond time and place. By combining these trends with attractive city planning, intellectual workers feel attached to the community and encourage them to move there from the viewpoint of work-life balance. By collaborating with advanced research institutes such as universities and forming a single industry cluster, a unique era of locality should arrive.

Source: Yasuyuki Nishioka, the Nihon Keizai Shimbun July 10, 2015  (morning edition) “economy class”