Cooperation with IIC for promoting industrial IoT (First published in Japanese in April, 2017)

   Industrial Internet Consortium (hereinafter, IIC ) and the Industrial IoT ( IIoT ) agreement to work together in promoting ( MoU signed in) in Hanover, Germany on April 26, 2017. Based on this agreement, IVI and IIC will work together to increase interoperability, portability, security and privacy in the industrial use of the Internet.

IVI and IIC will cooperate in the following activities:
1 . Share use cases
2 . Sharing information on IIoT architecture
3 . In the manufacturing industry IIoT shared with the establishment of best practices
4 . Cooperation for the implementation of the joint test bed
5 . Promotion of mutual cooperation in other activities

  Message from Jacques Durand (IIC Board Member, Liaison Committee Member, Fujitsu North America, Inc. Director of IoT Engineering and Standards, IIC Liaison Officer to IVI and IIC Steering Committee Member): Collaboration with
IVI I expect it to be fruitful. IVI is familiar with manufacturing and supply chains, and has a wealth of experience building IIoT in these mature industries . At the same time, IIC can harmonize IIoT best practices globally across countries and industries.

  Message from Richard Mark Soley (IIC Representative, Executive Director, Industrial Internet Consortium):
IIC is a global organization with 27 testbeds, consisting of approximately 260 member companies in 31 countries . We regard close collaboration with IoT promotion organizations in each country as particularly important, and we hope that this collaboration with IVI will further promote the industrial use of the Internet.

  IVI President Nishioka message from Yasuyuki:
This time, IIC able to deepen the cooperation with, I am very pleased. We believe that our bottom-up “connected factory” use case will contribute to the construction of a global reference architecture.