Evening Salon Meeting, first meeting (Flexible ways of working in the new society) (First published in Japanese in August, 2017)

  The first evening salon meeting was held for IVI members.

  The theme this time is “Flexible work styles required for a new society”. Cybozu was bothered by the idea of ​​working style reforms for manufacturing companies in the IoT era.

  Date and time 2017 years 8 May 18 (Friday) 15:30 to 18:00

  Lecturer Cybozu Inc. 

   President Office Digital Business Producer Ryuta Nakamura

  Mr. Nakamura works four days a week at Cybozu, and is doing a double job (a double job where everything is the main job, not value creation). Cybozu offers a variety of work styles tailored to employees. He introduced Cybozu’s system, tools, and climate. After the lecture, an office tour. In the office Bar tour of the many office free space or there is. And after the end, Nakamura-san and the social gathering. All participants shared their awareness.





 IVI will continue to hold evening salons to create “soft heads” for members. Please look forward to the next event.

  Hatsuko Takaka, Chairman, Cross Industry