IVI started activities in 2017 (First published in Japanese in April, 2017)

   IVI is 2017 started the activities of the fiscal year on April 13 (Thursday), 2017.

   IVI ‘s activities are also in its third year, and the range of activities will be expanded and you will be able to participate in various forms.

  Conventional business scenario (use case) WG will try WG activities in Nagoya as well as WG activities in Tokyo . In addition, we will expand the range of activities such as “Future Project” that considers manufacturing in 2022 , and “Cross Industry” that links with other industries such as service industry, agriculture, and tourism centering on manufacturing.

  Business scenario WG activities of the 5 May 11 to begin the preparation of group development from (Thursday) 7 new from May WG will begin activities in. If you are considering participating in IVI , please register as a member at this time.

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