Lecture to Italian managers’ visiting group to Industry 4.0 in Japan (First published in Japanese in October, 2017)

  Consisting of a visit to Japan, the Italian manufacturing industry business owners Industry 4.0 towards the delegation, IVI President Nishioka gave a lecture on October 11, 2017. The series of visits to Japan was run by Fiat Chrysler Automobile ( FCA ) Consulting, Maema , and Japan Productivity Headquarters, and was attended by 12 people from companies centered on the FCA Group . After giving a lecture on the ecosystem approach that the IVI platform participates in, IVRA and WG activities, we received a wide range of questions and comments, from technical content such as application to IVRA implementation to policy implications. A hot exchange of opinions took place.

Discussion after the lecture
Italian managers’ visiting group and Prof. Nishioka