Panel discussion and exhibition at G20 conference “Digitising Manufacturing in the G20” (First published in Japanese in March, 2017)

  The German Federal Economics Department of Energy was held in Berlin to “Digitising Manufacturing in the G20 – Initiatives, Best Practices and Policy Approaches” to, as one of the initiatives to be representative of the Japan IVI took on March 16 and 17. Prior to the G20 digitization ministerial meeting hosted by Germany in 2017 , the event was invited by experts, policy makers and initiatives from various countries, and through discussions on various topics related to digitization in the manufacturing industry. Held for the purpose of showing issues and directions.

  In the exhibition space, 16 initiatives including the Japan Robot Revolution Initiative Council ( RRI ) and IVI exhibited booths. Other exhibitors included German Platform Industrie 4.0 , Industrial Data Space , China, UK, Italy, Spain and EU organizations. There are over 100 visitors at the IVI booth , many people have created many use cases, abundant deliverables remain, and an ecosystem where small and medium-sized companies can collaborate with large companies The formation method received high evaluation. There was also interest in IVRA , which incorporates the concept of kaizen .

  Among the lecture sessions held in parallel with the exhibition, IVI President Nishioka participated as a panelist in a panel discussion on the theme of “data sovereignty in the global value network”. Prof. Boris Otto, Fraunhofer ISST , chaired a discussion with four panelists from Germany, China, Mexico, and Japan from the global and regional perspectives based on their experiences. While sharing data is a premise of Industrie 4.0 , the focus has been on the conflict of increasing needs to secure data ownership and international standardization to solve it.


Booth exhibition staff of IVI
Panel discussion “Data sovereignty in global value networks”