The specifications of data exchange of “Connected Industries” has been released. Public review started (First published in Japanese in December, 2018)

  The speed of digitization of manufacturing is increasing with spread of IoT. The connection among companies and the connection among production sites will change with digitalization. One of the realizations of “Connected Industries”, which is promoted by the Japanese government, is CIOF (Connected Industries Open Framework). IVI is playing the major role in proposal and development of CIOF and also in demonstration experiments with the support of the government. CIOF is a mechanism which allows various platforms for data utilization in manufacturing and circulation of the data.

  The technical specifications for implementing CIOF to the systems of companies and manufacturing sites have been proposed. We will have a public review of the specifications to adopt opinions of many stakeholders before completing the specifications. The specifications will be completed by March 2019 with the opinions received. It will be released both in Japan and also in the world to improve the interoperability of the related systems by the detailed specifications eventually updated.


The technical specifications for implementing CIOF 

The technical specifications for implementing CIOF

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system basic requirements specification

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