IVI Open Symposium 2020 -Spring-, Materials of the Symposium available on the web (First published in Japanese in March, 2020)

IVI Open Symposium 2020 -Spring-

 -Basic Model of Manufacturing which turns data into value-

  IVI Open Symposium 2020 -Spring-, which had been scheduled to be held on March 12 and 13, was cancelled due to concern about the spread of the new coronavirus. We publish the materials of the symposium on the web , which were scheduled to be used on the day, instead of the actual symposium.

  There is valuable information that suggests the direction of manufacturing’s change in the new era where data creates value, and there is accumulation of the activities of IVI WGs in fiscal year, 2019, which are the results from enthusiastic trials. We hope readers will use them and take them as references for their own further efforts.

  Yasuyuki Nishioka, IVI president

 For more information, see “IVI Open Symposium 2020 -Spring- available on the web”