IVI Open Symposium 2020-Autumn-, Presentation documents available on the web

   The presentation documents of IVI Open Symposium 2020 -Autumn-, held on the web on October 8, are available now. Click the titles to see the PDF files and click the YouTube icons to see the movies.

Content / SpeakerDocument
【Opening remarks】
  Yuji Watanabe, IVI Director of Secretariat
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【Invited Lecture】
 “Management ‘At Your Side’ with Data”
  Toshikazu Koike, Emeritus Chairman, Brother Industries, Ltd.
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【IVI Opinion】
 “Digitalization, Dataization and the future of Value Economy” Yasuyuki Nishioka,  IVI president (Professor, Hosei University)
Presentation document(3.37MB)
【Excellent cases of Business Scenario WG, 2019】
  Hidenori Ichimoto, Vice Chairman, IVI Business Cooperation Committee (Mazda)
Presentation document(1.15MB)
◇Video :Award of the Year, 2019 (To access YouTube from here)
 -【Award of the Year】5C03 “Visualization, analysis and optimization for records of human and things II (Pursuit of next-generation IE) ”  
 -【Award of Excellence】5A03 “Quality improvement of material production line – Casting of cylinder heads”
 -【Award of Excellence】5E02 “Secure data distribution service – AI implementation at edges to make a production site intelligent”
 -【Award of Excellence】5B02 “Visualizing information about equipment maintenance”
 -【Award of Recognition】5C06 “Efficient collaboration between design and manufacturing”
 ”Overcome new normal manufacturing with Smart Thinking”
  Hideaki Nishimura, IVI Chief Organizer (Brother Industries, Ltd.)
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【Report to current progress of Business Scenario WG, 2020】
  Hiroyuki Mizuno, Chairman, IVI Business Cooperation Committee (CKD)
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Click here to download a document of each session;
  ◇Session 1(3.60MB)
  ◇Session 2(2.70MB)
  ◇Session 3(2.65MB)
  ◇Session 4(3.25MB)
【Highlights of Advanced Study Group and Introduction of group activity】
  Koji Tomita, Chairman, IVI General Planning Committee (Yaskawa Electric)
  Toshiaki Hirata, Project Manager, IVI AI and Deep Learning Applied Research Subcommittee (Computron)
Highlights of Advanced Study Group(744KB)
Introduction of group activities(2.06MB)
【IVI Panel discussion】
“Wisdom, Knowledge and Insight of manufacturing to survive the Coronavirus epidemic”
  Osamu Horimizu, IVI Fellow (Hitachi)
  Yukihide Seki, IVI Fellow (NEC)
  Yoshihiko Watanabe, IVI Vice Chief Organizer (Izu Giken Industry)
  Yasutaka Koga, IVI Technology Supervisor
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