IVI Newsletter No.34 (February 18, 2021)

   We would like to inform you about the closing of fiscal year 2021, by IVI symposium.
   We are preparing for a real and online symposium, so feel free to join us as you did for the symposium autumn. We hope that many of you will come in contact with IVI, would like many people to come into contact with IVI , which is expanding and deepening year by year. We look forward to your participation.

«IVI Open Symposium 2021 -Spring-, Application being accepted»

   The theme of the symposium is “With Corona and Post Corona Manufacturing, Guided by Data”. I think that you are overcoming these challenges with KAIZEN and innovation every day as various issues come to light for you. I hope you will be able to experience the “power of data” that IVI possesses, which makes you feel no barriers between companies or borders. We hope your participation.

[Date and time] March 11, 2021  ( Thursday ) 10:00 -16:30
                        March 12, 2021 (Friday) 9:00 ~17:00 

[Location] [March 11 ] (Real and online symposium)
          Online streaming
          Tower Hall Funabori small Hall ( Funabori 4-1-1 Edogawa-ku, Tokyo) 

                [March 12]
                       Online streaming only

[Participation fee] Free 
        (PDF texts is 2,000 yen only for non-members, tax included )
   → Click here for details, application, and program 



« Advanced Study Group, Activitis (2)»

   Advanced Study Group (ASG) are made of subgroups which last for from one to three years and work on “seeds” or advanced themes that can be used to solve problems. We will introduce them one by one on the newsletters according to the manuscripts sent from each subgroup. The second introduction here is about the subgroup “Research Subcommittee for Utilization Technology of Sensor Data”.

 [Group number]

 [Subgroup name]
       Research Subcommittee for Utilization Technology of Sensor Data

 [Theme outline]  
    -Organize use cases of various sensor devices 
    -Research on methods that make it easy to utilize data

    -To speed up the process of on-site improvement
    -To link use cases to business

    -To share and utilize the sensor use cases in IVI
    -To propose more advanced systems and business styles

[Number of membersa] 
       74 people (Including  Chief and Assistant chief )

[Chief / secretary] 
      Yasuo Matsuoka ( Toshiba )

<Activities to date and activities of the next step> (Since July, 2018 up to the current)
   -25 meetings (once a month)
   -Lecture (invited) seminars held (21 companies, organizations )
   -Activities in total 6 years (91 WG /119 WG ): 76% of use cases (number actually counted) 
   -Lecture at Smart Factory JAPAN 2019 (August 6,2019)
   The tile of the presentation: The forefront of Technology utilization of sensor data 
   -Collaboration activities with a national project (Connected Industries Open Frameworh(CIOF))
    ⇒ CIOF : Joint R&D on sensor data utilization as part of support for productivity efficiency improvement using edge AI

   ⇒ The group has started full-scale activities for the development of a collaboration framework for the manufacturing industry as an IVI research scenario, after receiving a notice from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of the decision to grant a subsidy for the development of problem-setting industrial technologies in the “Project to Promote the Development of Collaborative Domain Data Sharing and AI Systems” for the promotion of Connected Industries.

  -Use cases, which are IVI’s assets, have been tracked and organized (119 scenarios WG for 6 years).

[Expected results for the next research activities and its plans]
   The nest steps are the activities of the final year during three years of the research group,. In particular, in the final year of the project, we plan to conduct joint research activities with the Business Scenario WG (6E03) by matching demonstration experiments in actual factories. The expected results and specific plans of the activities are as follows.
   To practice research activities to start easily and quickly IIOT (Industrial IoT) using various sensors at the end of manufacturing.
   We will visit actual manufacturing sites (companies) and work with various companies (sensor manufacturers, component manufacturers, solution manufacturers, AI development manufacturers, and platform manufacturers) to build a win-win monetization model and develop activities that can lead to business in a short period of time.
   We are continuously looking for members of small and medium-sized companies who can help us with practical and fun activities.
   If you are interested, join us.
   The activities will be developed to achieve the following four “objectives and goals”.

[Purpose / Goals]
[1] By organizing use cases of various sensor devices in business scenarios, which are IVI’s assets, to research methods to make it easy to utilize the data.

[2] Collaboration activities with Data Trading Alliance (DTA) / IVI
In addition to organizing use cases and showing ways concretely to use the data in the future, we will conduct the research in cooperation with DTA so that they can be used as shared references.
⇒ Main goal:
   As the first result of the collaboration with DTA (WG3 Sensing Metadata TF, Technical Standard Review Committee, 2020) and IVI, we plan to publish “Guidelines for Developing Metadata for Sensing Data in the Manufacturing Field Ver1.0 (tentative name) ” in collaboration with ASG12 Research Group and DTA.
(Target: March, 2021 issue)

[3] Japan Industrial Imaging Association (JIIA) / IVI collaboration activities
⇒ Main goal:
Data Interaction Verification (CIOF): First verification of demonstrations (March, 2021: Results to be announced at IVI Symposium)
   Report on results of edge AI utilization with real-time OPC-UA (VDMA OPC-MV) (White paper to be published, March, 2021)

[4] Collaborative activities between IVI Advanced Study Group’s Subcommittee (AI Deep Learning Research Subcommittee) and IVI Business Scenario WG
⇒ Goal 1: Report on various AI development methods (White paper to be published, March, 2021)
⇒ Goal 2: Summary report on edge AI technology and sensor data processing, predictive maintenance, and in-process management (White paper to be published, June, 2021)


«”IoT  Know-how Collection with Rasberry Pi” on YouTube»

   A video series titled “Introduction to IoT Know-How Series Using the IoT Hands-on Kit” is now available on IVI’s YouTube channel.
   These are training videos to experience actual IoT at a practical level using a hands-on kit which does not require any knowledge of electronic construction or soldering.

   If you are wondering where to start with IoT, watch these videos.
   → https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7L7_0y3pUq0TCiHbP7IGjg

   These results were obtained as a result of a project funded by New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), “Project to Promote the Development of Collaborative Domain Data Sharing and AI Systems for the Promotion of Connected Industries.
   IVI will continue to provide video contents. Stay tuned.


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