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Have you registered for the annual Open Symposium -Autumn-? This year’s meeting will be held online on October 7 (Thursday). Join the hot IVI discussion at the end of a hot summer.

«Open Symposium 2021 -Autumn-, Applications being accepted »

We are now accepting applications for the Open Symposium 2021. The symposium will be held under the main theme of “Until we really know what the new normal means for the world”.

With words such as “with and after corona”, “carbon neutral” and “new normal” being commonplace, what on is changing and what is not? IVI’s efforts to “Connected Manufacturing” may provide a hint to find the answer to the question. We look forward to your participation to the symposium.

■ Date: October 7, 2021 (Thursday), 10:00 – 17:30
■ Venue: online
■ Participation fee: Free
■ Program (excerpt)
[Keynote Speech 1]
New forms of systems and platforms that support the digital society
Kenji Hiramoto, General Manager, Data Strategy Digital Agency

[Keynote Speech 2]
Focusing on “facts” from ”data” -IoT that can be used in sites-

Masaharu Oku, President, smart-FOA

[Invited Lecture]
“Toward the Era of Renewable Energy as the Main Power Source “ -New Trends in Carbon Neutrality in Manufacturing-
Hideo Ishi, Executive Director, Advanced Collaborative Research Organization for Smart Society (Professor, Waseda University Research Council)

[Business Scenario WG session]
The activities of seventeen business scenarios of this year will be presented under the following three themes.

– Digital transformation by using AI

– On-site initiated toughness and total optimization

– The New Normal of Manufacturing

Note: Programs are subject to change due to unavoidable circumstances.

For information page and application;


«Notice of IVI of sponsored events»

International Symposium on Robot Revolution and Industrial IoT 2021

-Manufacturing as the Foundation of All Industries-

Organizer: Robot Revolution & Industrial IoT Initiative
Date: October 4, October 13 to 15, and October 28

Venue: Online
Application for participation: Visit the following URL.

Note: RRI and IVI have an MoU, and IVI is supporting this event.


Quality Forum 2021 (Quality Management General Meeting)
Organizer: Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers
Date: November 4 (Thursday) – November 5 (Friday), and November 8 (Monday)
(Forum: November 4 – November 5, Plant tour: November 5)

Venue: Japan Education Center (Chiyoda-ku)
Note: There is a limit to the number of participants at the venue.

Note: IVI is sponsoring the event.


IoT Application Conference for Manufacturing Industry 2021

Organized and operated by: Nano Opt Media
Date and venue:
-Nagoya Venue: September 24 (Friday) @JP Tower Nagoya Hall & Conference
-Osaka Venue: September 28 (Tuesday) @Knowledge Capital Conference Room
-Tokyo venue: October 14 (Thursday) @JP Tower Hall & Conference
Participation fee: Free
How to participate: Application from the official site
Official site:

Note: IVI is sponsoring the event.



Editor’s note


The fog is not clearing as expected, but the “connection” is still expanding. In fact, the meaning of “connection” may be being questioned now.

This year’s symposium will be “aggressive” as usual. We hope you will find it easy to participate in the online sessions. Please come and join us to the parts that interest you. We look forward to seeing you there.

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[IVI General Planning Committee]

Makiko Naemura, Chairperson,

Kazuo Kimura, Editor, IVI Newsletter

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