IVI President Nishioka Presents CIOF to the World

IVI President Nishioka introduced the structure and use cases of CIOF (Connected Industries Open Framework) at an international workshop (Industry Data Value Workshop) held via the Internet connecting Europe, China and Japan and promoted its usefulness to the world (February 28, 2022). In addition, IVRA Task Force General Manager Ogura participated in the roundtable held at the same time and exchanged opinions on the standardization of CIOF from a global perspective (February 29, 2022).

Presentation material by President Nishioka: https://iv-i.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/Invitation-to-Industry-Data-Value-Workshop-20220209.pdf


Industry Data Value Workshop: A conference hosted by GIO, AII and IDTA to provide guidance on realization of DX in the industrial field.


GIO (Global Industry Organizations Roundtable)


AII (Alliance of Industrial Internet)


IDTA (Industrial Digital Twin Association)