Public Review of IVI Data Model Common Dictionary (First published in Japanese in May, 2017)

  IVI has been working on the platform business and the architecture that supports it (IVRA) since last year .
As data utilization becomes an increasingly important management index, differences in data formats are always a technical bottleneck and a major issue for systems that are not connected to each other.

  Therefore, IVI first defines a “common” data format as a loose standard as an IVI common data model dictionary, which serves as a guideline for each component and new implementation on the IVI platform. As a result of the efforts of the Standard Model Committee last year, a public review was conducted with the aim of receiving comments from not only IVI members but also a large number of stakeholders .

  In particular, there are many IT service companies related to the manufacturing industry , application package development companies, IT introduction consulting companies, etc., as well as those who are working on IT systems and systems independently in the user sector of the manufacturing industry. We will receive comments from those who will be the final version of this year . The model of this year version is automatically generated on the IVI modeler along with the scenario construction in the business scenario WG,so it can be used to make system implementation easier.

■ Common platform common dictionary (data model dictionary)

■ Comment sheet

  If there are any necessary parts, please fill in the comment sheet and contact the secretariat.

Deadline: Tuesday, June 20, 2017