What’s IVI?

The Industrial Value Chain Initiative (IVI) is a forum to design a new society by combining manufacturing and information technologies, and for all enterprises to take an initiative collaboratively.

​Actively discussing how human-centric manufacturing will change with IoT, IVI aims at building a mutually connected system architecture, based on collaboration areas between companies. This means, IVI does not start from the area where an enterprise has its own competitive advantage (which should be kept), but investigates scenarios where companies naturally collaborate, and by this step by step gathers a broader understanding of more general connection models (reference models), without an urgency to build THE one general model out of it. This is why we employ the term “loosely defined standard”, as it means an adaptable model instead of a rigid system. A rigid new system would face many challenges in manufacturing environments, which are complex and typically heterogeneous, with a mixture of “old” and “new” elements. A pragmatic reality-based approach, starting from state-of-the-art today, seems therefore the most suitable to develop the next level of manufacturing. So, using the „loosely defined standard“ based connectivity, IVI works to increase the value for each enterprise by cyber-physical production systems.

Greeting from President

Prof. Dr.Nishioka,  Hosei University, Tokyo
President of the Industrial Value Chain Initiative

As president of the Industrial Value Chain Initiative (IVI), I would like to give you a warm welcome to our new English site. Our world is the world of manufacturing, or to be more precise, a new style of manufacturing from a Japanese initiative. Since decades, Japan has been a leader in the manufacturing area, providing not only the country, but also the world with modern products of high quality. This quality is not only a matter of machinery and materials, it is also a matter of the human being as an essential player in design and production processes. While Japan keeps a leading position for robotics and IoT technologies used in production, IVI wants to promote global and borderless collaboration by win-win value chain partnership not only with manufacturing industries, but also service industries, all over the world. IVI provides a forum for these discussions, and we strive to provide useful results of global applicability. Please enjoy to find out more about what we do on this site and beyond.