IVI has developed and published manufacturing data distribution framework (First published in Japanese in March, 2019)

 IVI , together with DMG MORI SEIKI Co., Ltd., Hitachi, Ltd., FANUC Co., Ltd., and Mitsubishi Electric Co., Ltd., has developed a framework that enables manufacturing data to be distributed mutually beyond the platforms of participating companies that manage manufacturing data. This project got subsidy from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, which is funded by industrial data sharing promotion project (based on the supplementary budget of 2017), and has been developed. The project is “Open and cooperative business for making a platform of manufacturing “, which is planned to realize “Society 5.0” and “Connected Industries”, which the Japanese government has been proposing.

For more information, see “IVI has developed and published manufacturing data distribution framework”


IVI and Alliance of Industrial Internet (AII) in China signed MOU (First published in Japanese in March, 2019)

  IVI and Alliance of Industrial Internet (AII), which was an IoT promotion organization in Chinese industries, signed MOU, which was an agreement to work together in promoting industrial IoT (IIoT) ( MoU ) in Beijing on February 21, 2019.
For more information, see “IVI and Alliance of Industrial Internet (AII ) in China signed MOU.”


IVI Newsletter No.25 (February 7, 2019)

  Annual IVI Open Symposium -Spring- has been introduced. The content of the symposium has varied and enriched year by year. It is a place where we think about “Connected manufacturing” together. The symposium would be full. Be sure to apply it soon.

« What is this year for IVI ? ≫

 The year of 2019 has entered into the second month. I would like to ask the director Nishioka about the concept of this year before the symposium. (This article is the same with as the new year mail sent to the members.)

Nishioka: The Fourth Industrial Revolution (or The era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution) seems to have begun finally after the initial boom period. Startup companies and civil activists are expanding the horizon of the digital as much as possible, whereas many bureaucrats who do not know technology and engineers who do not like bureaucrats are not doing so. I do not hear about involvements of Japanese companies and Japanese people in the field. On the other hand, nationality has no meaning in this borderless world.

 For more information, see “IVI Newsletter No.25 (February 7, 2019)”


If you join IVI by the end of February, the participation fee of IVI Open Symposium 2019 -Spring- is free

This is guidance to IVI Open Symposium 2019 -Spring- for those who are considering participations to the symposium.

For more information see here about the symposium 

If you join IVI by the end of February, the symposium participation fee is free, according to the number of memberships.
I hope you plan to join the symposium as well.

For more information, see “ Participation fee for IVI Open Symposium 2019 -Spring- is free when you join IVI by the end of February”


Application for IVI Open Symposium 2019 -Spring- has started (The application closed) (First published in Japanese in January, 2019)

The theme of the symposium is;

The Future of Manufacturing Led by Smart Thinking

Date: March 14 (Thursday), 15 (Friday), 2019
Venue: Keio Plaza Hotel  

For more information, see “IVI Open Symposium 2019 -Spring- Application, started (The application has been closed)”


IVI Newsletter No.24 (December 11, 2018)

  December has come very quickly. IVI has been making new efforts for this year. The General Planning Committee established Advanced Research Subcommittee, renewed the webpages of IVI and revised the IVI pamphlet that would be published soon. IVI has been promoting its own presence.
 The plan of IVI Open Symposium –Spring- is fixed. Stay tuned with us.

For more information, see “IVI Newsletter No.24 (Decdember 11, 2019)”


The specifications of data exchange of “Connected Industries” has been released. Public review started (First published in Japanese in December, 2018)

  The speed of digitization of manufacturing is increasing with spread of IoT. The connection among companies and the connection among production sites will change with digitalization. One of the realizations of “Connected Industries”, which is promoted by the Japanese government, is CIOF (Connected Industries Open Framework). IVI is playing the major role in proposal and development of CIOF and also in demonstration experiments with the support of the government. CIOF is a mechanism which allows various platforms for data utilization in manufacturing and circulation of the data.

  The technical specifications for implementing CIOF to the systems of companies and manufacturing sites have been proposed. We will have a public review of the specifications to adopt opinions of many stakeholders before completing the specifications. The specifications will be completed by March 2019 with the opinions received. It will be released both in Japan and also in the world to improve the interoperability of the related systems by the detailed specifications eventually updated.


The technical specifications for implementing CIOF 

The technical specifications for implementing CIOF

For download the spscifications, go to;
Manufacturing platform open cooperation business
system basic requirements specification

For comments to be sent;

Industrial Value Chain Initiative Secretariat e-mail address: 

office [At]   ([At] to be replaced with @) 
Deadline for your comments: January 15, 2019

Supplementary budget for fiscal year 2017, industrial data sharing promotion business, subsidy for the “Production platform open cooperation business”
(The environment co-creation initiatives of the page)


IVI and FIWARE, IDSA in Germany signed MOU (First published in Japanese in October, 2018)

  IVI, FIWARE Foundation (CEO Ulrich Ahle) and the International Data Spaces Association (Chairman Dr. Reinhold Achatz) in Germany signed MOU in the field of the security in business eco-system. They agreed to promote standardization of common governance model through its safe use and exchange on October 15, 2018.

For more information, see “IVI and German FIWARE and IDSA signed MoU”


IVI Newsletter No.23 (October 3, 2018)

  The autumn symposium is coming. It is the first time in Osaka. This is an opportunity for those who have never participated in the past and those who have not participated to touch the latest information on “connected manufacturing” and feel “Oh, that ’s what it is”.

«Symposium 2018 -Autumn- attractions»

For more information, see “IVI Newsletter No.23 (October 3, 2018)”


IVI Connected Manufacturing Award 2018 decided (First published in Japanese in October, 2018)

  2017 was active in fiscal 22 from among the business scenario WG, IVI award is decided as follows;

“AI productivity of the production line by improving and automation development – first step: commitment to the inspection process – Facilitator: Mazda Motor Corporation”

  According to a general review by Chairman Eisaaki Nishimura (Brother Kogyo Co., Ltd.), the Business Collaboration Committee, not only improved equipment operation and productivity, but also a major issue in Japanese manufacturing today, such as quality improvement and traceability guarantees. Also praised it for its great achievements.

For more information, see “IVI Manufacturing Awards 2018