Lecture at Hannover Messe 2018 (First published in Japanese in March, 2018)

  Hannover Messe (held on April 23-27) is the birthplace of Industry 4.0 , and once a year, it is a place of publicity, an event that attracts attention from manufacturers around the world. During Forum Industry 4.0 , inquiries on carefully selected topics will be inquired over a 30-minute period. This is a showcase that attracted the attention of each country and region of this year’s smart factory. The third presentation from IVI was adopted for the third consecutive year.

  The place is Hall 8 Stand D17, which is a hall where two topics of industrial automation and digital factory are gathered.

  IVI is also exhibiting a booth jointly with JEMA (Japan Electrical Manufacturers’ Association), so it will be on standby during the period, so if you miss the presentation, go to the booth Please drop in. I think I can convey the impact of IVRA-Next . This is Hall 7 Stand A31 .

See you all in Hannover!

IVI JEMA Hannover Messe stand

Visitors from IVI to IVI JEMA Hannover Messe stand



Recruitment of regional seminar 2018 (for support organizations) (First published in Japanese in March, 2018)

  IVI holds regional seminars to support the introduction of IT and IoT in small and medium-sized manufacturers throughout Japan. Already in Fiscal Year 2016, 83 people from 71 companies in 4 bases attended the course, and in FY2017, 125 companies from 8 bases nationwide, 159 attended. IVI’s bottom-up KAIZEN method for connected manufacturing gives great awareness even at sites that are unfamiliar with IT, and has contributed to taking the first step of new IT KAIZEN using data.

  In Fiscal Year 2018, we have further established a system and can respond to as many as 15 locations nationwide to meet the demands of as many regions as possible. In addition, we offer a one-day course experience seminar for everyone in the area who first noticed. By all means, IVI will be happy to support your local small and medium-sized manufacturing industry, and we will propose a seminar program. Please consider.

For more information, see Program flyer

  For inquiries, please contact the IVI Secretariat Ishikawa


Manufacturing IT Meister Instructor Training (Notice) (First published in Japanese in March, 2018)

  At the IVI Symposium 2018, there is a panel discussion about the human resource image of the manufacturing industry IT Meister, and expectations are rising as a human resource who will be responsible for the future of the new manufacturing industry. Manufacturing IT Meister is a human resource who uses IT and IoT as tools while focusing on manufacturing, gathers on-site trust at one hand, cooperates with other sites, and in some cases other companies A person who uses digital technology with one hand in the field.

  Some large and medium-sized companies may be struggling with such talent. Everyone who is working hard with a small budget, regardless of the information system department, please gather! Even in a small and medium-sized company, you are not an IT expert as a president’s right arm, but you are struggling to digitize in-house using Excel and various free software! Would you like to learn knowledge and technology again at the seminar and expand your human network?

For more information, see “ Manufacturing IT Meister Instructor Training (Notice) ”


IVI Newsletter No.20 (March 5, 2018)

  The spring public symposium is finally approaching.

  I have received steady application, but since there is still free, you wondering will again guide you towards is.
  It is a two- day period where many participating members gather together .

  Please participate in the symposium.

For more information, see “IVI Newsletter No.20 (2018/3/5)”


IVI and Allianz Industrie 4.0 BW signed MOU (First published in Japanese in March, 2018)

  Baden-Wurttemberg (Allianz I4.0 shown below),” said industry IoT (Industrial We have signed a consensus document ( MoU ) to cooperate in the promotion of IoT ( IIoT ) . Based on this agreement, IVI and Allianz I4.0 will collaborate in a field where both countries can collaborate by exchanging information on Industry 4.0 and participating in each other’s activities.

RFor more information, see “IVI and Allianz Industrie 4.0 BW signed MOU.”


IVRA-Next has been released (First published in Japanese in March, 2018)

  The connected manufacturing strategy IVRA-Next has been released.

For more information, see the link below;

  IVI has arranged various issues that will be important in the future as the digitization of manufacturing in the manufacturing industry has progressed in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and has proposed a reference model (reference architecture).

  With the further spread of IoT in mind, we will unveil the strategies necessary for each manufacturing industry to actually take a new step from concept to practice and the grand design for concrete manufacturing.

  The relationship between competition and cooperation, digitalization and analog was clearly indicated by the keyword of loose standards. We hope that you can refer to the realization of a new “connected manufacturing”.


IVI Newsletter No.19 (February 13, 2018)

    Now it’s time for the public symposium in spring.
 The number of participants increases year by year, and this year, we will offer a full two- day “place”. I would like to see the “power” of the Japanese manufacturing industry and think about the prospects for the coming 10 years.
 Please participate by all means.

For more information, see “IVI Newsletter No.19 (2018/2/13)”


IVI Newsletter No.18 (January 18, 2018)

  IVI will go into the third year in 2018. To date, we have been conducting various discussions and accumulating results with the power of the “place” where many people gather. This year, we will continue our activities to energize the Japanese manufacturing industry with more connections. Please pay attention . I look forward to working with IVI again this year.

For more information, see “IVI Nwesletter No.18 (2018/1/18)”


IVRA-Next public comment recruitment (First published in Japanese in November, 2017)

  The IVRA-Next draft has been completed as an internationally recognized IVRA implementation strategy . Not only IVI members but also many other stakeholders are invited to comment (any format). The final version will be released later this year, reflecting the comments received. Thank you.

For more information, see the links below;

Japanese draft

English draft

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