Recruitment of IVI Platform & Component (First published in Japanese in October, 2017)

  The recruitment of IVI Platform 2018 starts. In this fiscal year, we will also recruit IVI components together with the platform.

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Recruitment information


Terms (draft)

Click here for last year’s platform (IVI Platform 2017 )

IVI Platform & Component Business Briefing (finished)

Date and time: 2017 year 10 October 19 (Thursday) 14:00 ~17:00

Venue : Machine Promotion Hall 6-67 Meeting Room

Briefing session materials


Lecture to Italian managers’ visiting group to Industry 4.0 in Japan (First published in Japanese in October, 2017)

  Consisting of a visit to Japan, the Italian manufacturing industry business owners Industry 4.0 towards the delegation, IVI President Nishioka gave a lecture on October 11, 2017. The series of visits to Japan was run by Fiat Chrysler Automobile ( FCA ) Consulting, Maema , and Japan Productivity Headquarters, and was attended by 12 people from companies centered on the FCA Group . After giving a lecture on the ecosystem approach that the IVI platform participates in, IVRA and WG activities, we received a wide range of questions and comments, from technical content such as application to IVRA implementation to policy implications. A hot exchange of opinions took place.

Discussion after the lecture
Italian managers’ visiting group and Prof. Nishioka


Lecture at “UK-Japan Workshop on Manufacturing and Innovation Policy” held at the British Embassy (First published in Japanese in October, 2017)

 The British Embassy and the University of Cambridge Centre for Science, Technology & Innovation Policy (CSTI) Policy Links unit has held Japan-UK manufacturing and innovation policy workshop “Tackling advanced manufacturing innovation challenges and informing industrial strategy ” to IVI participated President Nishioka, IVI activities, was among other things a lecture about the activities of small and medium-sized enterprises on September 21, 2017. In this workshop , a study team led by the UK’s Ministry of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy learns about manufacturing industry’s digitization and IoT initiatives and policies in Japan, and discusses how to build a partnership between Japan and the UK. It was held for the purpose of exchanging information between policymakers and experts when visiting Japan to do so.

  IVI President Nishioka explained about business scenario of WG activities and, that approach is aimed at small businesses of the region that have been applied seminars, where introduction is to have 10 thousand yen IoT was described with such kit. Participants received many questions and comments, including practical questions such as the impact on the participating companies / regions of the regional seminar, funding for activities, and policies regarding the handling of corporate data within the activities.

  The team also visited the Hitachi Open Lab Yokohama Open Automation Lab with an IVI board of directors, receiving explanations of advanced co-creation examples related to automation and observing advanced technologies.

Articles published on the Cambridge University Policy Links website

British inspection team visiting Hitachi Open Lab Yokohama


IVI Open Symposium 2017 -Autumn- (Report) (First published in Japanese in September, 2017)

Theme: New combination of man and machine in the field where IoT is progressing

Date and time: 2017 year 10 October 12 (Thursday)

Location: International Hotel Nagoya 2 floor

International Hotel Nagoya 2 floor



For more information, see “IVI Open Symposium 2017 -Autumn- (finished) ”


Project of the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) (First published in Japanese in September, 2017)

  IVI is, the National Research and Development Institute of New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)
  ” IoT new industrial model creation infrastructure business / research and development items to take advantage of the [ 3 ] IoT of the technology industry-wide production system through the utilization of In the “development” open call for participants, it was selected as a planned contractor.

  This business will be represented by IVI and will be promoted in a consortium format with CKD Corporation, Imano Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and Toshiba Logistics Corporation.

For details of the public offering, see NEDO website


Evening Salon Meeting, first meeting (Flexible ways of working in the new society) (First published in Japanese in August, 2017)

  The first evening salon meeting was held for IVI members.

  The theme this time is “Flexible work styles required for a new society”. Cybozu was bothered by the idea of ​​working style reforms for manufacturing companies in the IoT era.

  Date and time 2017 years 8 May 18 (Friday) 15:30 to 18:00

  Lecturer Cybozu Inc. 

   President Office Digital Business Producer Ryuta Nakamura

  Mr. Nakamura works four days a week at Cybozu, and is doing a double job (a double job where everything is the main job, not value creation). Cybozu offers a variety of work styles tailored to employees. He introduced Cybozu’s system, tools, and climate. After the lecture, an office tour. In the office Bar tour of the many office free space or there is. And after the end, Nakamura-san and the social gathering. All participants shared their awareness.





 IVI will continue to hold evening salons to create “soft heads” for members. Please look forward to the next event.

  Hatsuko Takaka, Chairman, Cross Industry


IVI Open Symposium 2017 -Autumn- notice (October 12, 2017)

  The IVI Open Symposium 2017 -Autumn- will be held as a place for interim reports for about half a year this year .
  This time, we plan to hold it in Nagoya.

■ date and time 2017 years 10 May 12 (Thursday) 13: 00-18: 00 ※ after the end, held a networking (social gathering) 

■ location Nagoya International Hotel

(gu, Nagoya Nishiki 3 -chome -23-3  subway Higashiyama Line, Meijo Line walk from Sakaeeki 2 minutes) Http://Nagoyakokusai.Com/access/ 

Details of the program and application will be announced separately.


Participation in Japan-Netherlands Robotics Workshop (hosted by the Dutch Embassy) (First published in Japanese in August, 2017)

  IVI is hosted by the Dutch Embassy for Japan-Netherlands Robotics Workshop (held on August 4th).

  IVI has been invited to Participants from robots from Japan and the Netherlands exchanged opinions on the current status and future possibilities of the robotics ecosystem (cooperation between companies, universities, research institutions, and the country) in both countries. 

  Mr. Koji Yaskawa, a facilitator, introduced the activities of the Business Scenario WG “ Effective Use of Robot Program Assets by CPS ” with the theme of last year’s robots from IVI . Regarding the activities of IVI , we received an evaluation that it was very good that various companies gathered and worked.

 Yaskawa Electric Koji Hamada


IVI Newsletter Vol.15 (August 2, 2017)

 The activities of 2017 have been on track. On the other hand winding take the “manufacturing” in also becoming more active movement of the world rather. Together with your knowledge and experience, IVI will draw the future of “manufacturing” and send it from Japan to the world. 

Read more “IVI Newsletter Vol.15 (2017/8/2)”

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