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    Evening Salon Meeting, first meeting (Flexible ways of working in the new society) (First published in Japanese in August, 2017)

      The first evening salon meeting was held for IVI members.

      The theme this time is “Flexible work styles required for a new society”. Cybozu was bothered by the idea of ​​working style reforms for manufacturing companies in the IoT era.

      Date and time 2017 years 8 May 18 (Friday) 15:30 to 18:00

      Lecturer Cybozu Inc. 

       President Office Digital Business Producer Ryuta Nakamura

      Mr. Nakamura works four days a week at Cybozu, and is doing a double job (a double job where everything is the main job, not value creation). Cybozu offers a variety of work styles tailored to employees. He introduced Cybozu’s system, tools, and climate. After the lecture, an office tour. In the office Bar tour of the many office free space or there is. And after the end, Nakamura-san and the social gathering. All participants shared their awareness.





     IVI will continue to hold evening salons to create “soft heads” for members. Please look forward to the next event.

      Hatsuko Takaka, Chairman, Cross Industry

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    IVI Open Symposium 2017 -Autumn- notice (October 12, 2017)

      The IVI Open Symposium 2017 -Autumn- will be held as a place for interim reports for about half a year this year .
      This time, we plan to hold it in Nagoya.

    ■ date and time 2017 years 10 May 12 (Thursday) 13: 00-18: 00 ※ after the end, held a networking (social gathering) 

    ■ location Nagoya International Hotel

    (gu, Nagoya Nishiki 3 -chome -23-3  subway Higashiyama Line, Meijo Line walk from Sakaeeki 2 minutes) Http://Nagoyakokusai.Com/access/ 

    Details of the program and application will be announced separately.

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    Participation in Japan-Netherlands Robotics Workshop (hosted by the Dutch Embassy) (First published in Japanese in August, 2017)

      IVI is hosted by the Dutch Embassy for Japan-Netherlands Robotics Workshop (held on August 4th).

      IVI has been invited to Participants from robots from Japan and the Netherlands exchanged opinions on the current status and future possibilities of the robotics ecosystem (cooperation between companies, universities, research institutions, and the country) in both countries. 

      Mr. Koji Yaskawa, a facilitator, introduced the activities of the Business Scenario WG “ Effective Use of Robot Program Assets by CPS ” with the theme of last year’s robots from IVI . Regarding the activities of IVI , we received an evaluation that it was very good that various companies gathered and worked.

     Yaskawa Electric Koji Hamada

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    IVI Newsletter Vol.15 (August 2, 2017)

     The activities of 2017 have been on track. On the other hand winding take the “manufacturing” in also becoming more active movement of the world rather. Together with your knowledge and experience, IVI will draw the future of “manufacturing” and send it from Japan to the world. 

    Read more “IVI Newsletter Vol.15 (2017/8/2)”

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    Lecture at Hannover Messe (April 24, 2017)

      On the first day of Hannover Messe , President Nishioka gave a lecture at the event “Forum Industrie 4.0 meets the Industrial Internet” organized by Industrial Internet Consortium and Platform Industrie 4.0 . Under the title of “Industrial Value Chain Reference Architecture (IVRA)” , IVI ‘s business scenario working group, IVI platform, and IVRA concepts encompassing them were introduced. A message was sent that IVRA elements could be associated with RAMI 4.0 and Industrial Data Space models and contributed to international discussions. The venue was full, and individual questions were asked for more than 30 minutes after the lecture.

    See the presentation document here;

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    IVI Business Scenario Collection on sale (First published in Japanese in July, 2017)

    As a result report of the business scenario WG (working group) in fiscal 2016 , we have started to release IVI business scenario collections (part 1 and part 2). Please purchase from the secretariat. Purchase application

    « For sale IVI books »

    • New! 2016 fiscal IVI business scenario Collection (Part, Part II) – lead! For monozukuri 24 use cases –   [ 2017 year 6 issued May]
      · The 4 -order industry in Revolution ” platform ” survey report on the
        likelihood – of – Japan version of the platform
        [ 2016 year 10 issued May]
    • 2015 fiscal IVI business scenario Collection – lead! For monozukuri 20 use cases –   [ 2016 year 6 issued May]
      · Introduction to System Construction Utilizing the “ Guide Standards” for Loose Standards
        [ issued in June 2016 ]
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    IVI Manufacturing Awards 2017 decided (First published in June in September, 2017)

      As a result of the review of the IVI Connected Manufacturing Award 2017 by the Advisory Commendation Committee (Chairperson: Junichi Ogawa, University of Tokyo ) held on May 22nd , among the 25 business scenario working groups ( hereinafter referred to as WG) in 2016 , “Improving service added value after sales of its own products (Facilitator: NEC Corporation)” received the highest award. All seven of winning WG is, at the Tokyo Big Sight on June 8, IVI annual general meeting and ” IIC & IVI received an award jointly use cases share Seminar”. In the commentary by the Chairman of the Advisory Award Committee, Ogawa, the WG as a whole has been greatly improved compared to the previous year, and the theme has been praised as having a global perspective. 

    For more information, see “IVI Connected Manufacturing Award 2017 

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    IIC & IVI joint use case share seminar (Members only) (June 8, 2017)

      Industrial Internet Consortium (hereinafter, IIC ) and the Industrial IoT ( IIoT ) agreement to work together in promoting ( MoU signed in) in Hanover, Germany, on April 26, 2017. Based on this agreement, IIC and IVI will now hold a joint seminar. This is an event exclusively for IIC and IVI members . It will be a place to share the activities of IIC and IVI , the activities of the test bed conducted by IIC, and the activities of the Business Scenario WG conducted by IVI .

      Although I think that it is a frequent use, I would like to take this opportunity to participate in the IIC and IVI use case sharing seminar.

    (Participation is limited to IVI and IIC members)

     Day at the time : June 8, 2017 ( Thursday ) 13:00 ~17:00 (Registration starts at 12:30)    

     Seminar venue: Tokyo Big Sight

     Capacity : 200 people (IIC and IVI members only)        

    Please contact us for details.

    For information about Inquiry, see Inquiry

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    IVI Newsletter Vol.14 (May 19, 2017)

      IVI has signed MOU with IIC , an IoT promotion organization originating in the United States . In order to contribute to global IoT progress, we will promote various initiatives in the future. In addition, each activity of this fiscal year was started concretely. Please pay attention to IVI , which is steadily increasing its presence , and actively participate in it.

    For more information, see “IVI Newsletter Vol.14 (May 19, 2017)”

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    Public Review of IVI Data Model Common Dictionary (First published in Japanese in May, 2017)

      IVI has been working on the platform business and the architecture that supports it (IVRA) since last year .
    As data utilization becomes an increasingly important management index, differences in data formats are always a technical bottleneck and a major issue for systems that are not connected to each other.

      Therefore, IVI first defines a “common” data format as a loose standard as an IVI common data model dictionary, which serves as a guideline for each component and new implementation on the IVI platform. As a result of the efforts of the Standard Model Committee last year, a public review was conducted with the aim of receiving comments from not only IVI members but also a large number of stakeholders .

      In particular, there are many IT service companies related to the manufacturing industry , application package development companies, IT introduction consulting companies, etc., as well as those who are working on IT systems and systems independently in the user sector of the manufacturing industry. We will receive comments from those who will be the final version of this year . The model of this year version is automatically generated on the IVI modeler along with the scenario construction in the business scenario WG,so it can be used to make system implementation easier.

    ■ Common platform common dictionary (data model dictionary)

    ■ Comment sheet

      If there are any necessary parts, please fill in the comment sheet and contact the secretariat.

    Deadline: Tuesday, June 20, 2017

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