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    President Nishioka’s Lecture at the Hannover Messe (April 24 , 2017)

      Hannover Messe will be held in Hanover April 24 to 28, 2017, in Germany. IVI President Nishioka  will give a lecture there.

    ■ About the lecture

      April 24  from 14:30 to 15:00 Stand D19 Hall 8 “Industrial Value Chain Reference Architecture”  

      If you are attending Hannover Messe, please listen to the lecture by President Nishioka. Lectures are held in an open space and do not require advance reservations.
      A commemorative photo will be taken after the lecture, so IVI members should come to Hall 8.

    → For more information, see 



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    IVI started activities in 2017 (First published in Japanese in April, 2017)

       IVI is 2017 started the activities of the fiscal year on April 13 (Thursday), 2017.

       IVI ‘s activities are also in its third year, and the range of activities will be expanded and you will be able to participate in various forms.

      Conventional business scenario (use case) WG will try WG activities in Nagoya as well as WG activities in Tokyo . In addition, we will expand the range of activities such as “Future Project” that considers manufacturing in 2022 , and “Cross Industry” that links with other industries such as service industry, agriculture, and tourism centering on manufacturing.

      Business scenario WG activities of the 5 May 11 to begin the preparation of group development from (Thursday) 7 new from May WG will begin activities in. If you are considering participating in IVI , please register as a member at this time.

    For member registration, see About member registration

    For inquiries, see Inquiries about IVI

    IVI starting up meeting

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    List of IVI Platform 2017 announced (First published in Japanese in April, 2017)

      The IVI Platform Committee has selected the following 10 platforms as the IVI Platform 2017 from the platforms that were submitted to the platform business in FY2016 on March 23.

      Until March 2018, the IVI platform logo will be available for these platforms, and the functions, features, and evaluation of the IVI platform will be available on the website.



    Next-generation manufacturing solution Meister series

    Toshiba Corporation  

    Dynamic optimized production CPS

    Lexar Research
    Softbank Corp.

    Manufacturing platform for SMEs

    Upst Web
    Cybozu Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturing service platform 

    Fujitsu Limited
    Frontier One
    Wing Arc 1st Limited

    Manufacturing management system FactoryConductor

    Japan Nobel Co., Ltd.

    mcframe IoT engineering platform

    Toyo Business Engineering Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturing IoT Starter Kit

    NEC Corporation

    Equipment operation management platform

    TB Tech Co., Ltd.

    Digital manufacturing infrastructure

    Hitachi, Ltd. Frontier One Co., Ltd.


    Sim Tops Co., Ltd.

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    Panel discussion and exhibition at G20 conference “Digitising Manufacturing in the G20” (First published in Japanese in March, 2017)

      The German Federal Economics Department of Energy was held in Berlin to “Digitising Manufacturing in the G20 – Initiatives, Best Practices and Policy Approaches” to, as one of the initiatives to be representative of the Japan IVI took on March 16 and 17. Prior to the G20 digitization ministerial meeting hosted by Germany in 2017 , the event was invited by experts, policy makers and initiatives from various countries, and through discussions on various topics related to digitization in the manufacturing industry. Held for the purpose of showing issues and directions.

      In the exhibition space, 16 initiatives including the Japan Robot Revolution Initiative Council ( RRI ) and IVI exhibited booths. Other exhibitors included German Platform Industrie 4.0 , Industrial Data Space , China, UK, Italy, Spain and EU organizations. There are over 100 visitors at the IVI booth , many people have created many use cases, abundant deliverables remain, and an ecosystem where small and medium-sized companies can collaborate with large companies The formation method received high evaluation. There was also interest in IVRA , which incorporates the concept of kaizen .

      Among the lecture sessions held in parallel with the exhibition, IVI President Nishioka participated as a panelist in a panel discussion on the theme of “data sovereignty in the global value network”. Prof. Boris Otto, Fraunhofer ISST , chaired a discussion with four panelists from Germany, China, Mexico, and Japan from the global and regional perspectives based on their experiences. While sharing data is a premise of Industrie 4.0 , the focus has been on the conflict of increasing needs to secure data ownership and international standardization to solve it.


    Booth exhibition staff of IVI
    Panel discussion “Data sovereignty in global value networks”

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    IVI Open Symposium 2017 -Spring- (Application closed. Outline of WG presentations uploaded) (First published in Japanese in February, 2017)

    Date and time: March 9 to 10 (Thursday and Friday)
    Location: BELLESALLE Shiodome 2 floor

    Organizer: Industrial Value Chain Initiative

    Sponsored by: Robot Revolution Initiative Council, Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Monozukuri Nippon Conference, Nikkei Manufacturing, Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, Production System Division, one company) Japan Electrical Manufacturers Association, MONOist , German Chamber of Commerce in Japan (to be applied)

    Capacity: 1 day 700 people, 2 each day days 300 people

    Participation fee: Free (pre-registration and social gathering costs 3,000 yen)

    Location: Belle Salle Shiodome 2nd Floor ( 8-21-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo ) Access: 5 minutes on foot from Shiodome Station on the Toei Oedo Line



    For more information, see “IVI Open Symposium 2017-Spring- (Applications have been closed. Outline of each WG announced on the day is now open) ”

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    IVI Nwesletter Vol.11 (January 18, 2017)

    New Year Greeting

      I would like to make 2017 a year where “ connected factories ” will leap to the world.

      Last year, 3 public symposium of May IVI for the first time as a 20 performs the results report on the business scenario, 6 was appointed an organizational structure as a general incorporated association in May. In addition, IVI ‘s business scenario method has been expanded to four locations nationwide, including Shizuoka , and initiatives have been started for the IVI platform that supports demonstration experiments . On the basis of these activities, this year of 3 to May 2 as an outcome of the year ” lead factory ” to achieve the 25 make the announcement of the business scenarios. I would like to continue working on this activity with the members and the people who are supporting IVI in order to make this year even more exciting .

      The purpose of the efforts so far was to catch up with Western efforts. However, in order for the Japanese manufacturing industry to develop and grow, it is necessary to broaden and broaden its perspective from Japan to the world with an eye toward the next 10 or 20 years. Rather than follow the European and American leadership, we need to take the role and responsibility to open up the future of the manufacturing industry in line with Germany and the United States. Last year from this idea is also focus on overseas activities, 4 May and the Hannover Messe, 5 of May in Manila ” Asia IoT Business Platform 7th “, 10 of May Barcelona ” IOT Solution World Congress in” IVI to lecture the activities, This was highly appreciated.

      On the other hand, with regard to “standardization”, in December of last year, we established our own “IVRA (Industrial Value Chain Reference Architecture) Ver. 1” smart manufacturing reference architecture and published it ( link ). We would like to participate in the examination of international standards led by Europe and the United States, aiming to become a future-oriented company that plays a part in the development of the manufacturing industry. IVI the members and officials of thought participate in this “IVRA” to put in, from Japan to the world, actively transmitting thoughts and expectations for the manufacturing industry in the future-oriented, 3 this year to celebrate the year, IVI activities Let’s make a leap forward!

     Continue reading “IVI Newsletter Vol.11 January 18, 2017 

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    IVI Symposium 2017 -Spring- (March 9 to10, 2017)

      The Industrial Value Chain Initiative (IVI) realizes a “Connected factories” that uses “loose standards”, a key concept of IVI , to take a global initiative in the coming era of digitalization. We are promoting activities as much as possible. This year, IVI Symposium 2017-Spring- is scheduled to be held as a place to report activity results .

    ■ date and time March 9, 2017 (Thursday) afternoon, 10 (Friday) morning, afternoon

    ■ location BELLESALLE Shiodome (Chuo-ku, Tokyo Ginza 8 -chome, 21-1)

      This year, working groups are working across companies in line with 25 business scenarios originating at the site. At IVI Symposium 2017-Spring- , we will report the results of our activities so far, including the results of demonstration experiments.

      In addition, the purpose of IVI is to share information with more people about the future that IVI is aiming for and expand the harmony of activities.

      On January 12 , an interim report meeting was held for IVI members. Compared to last year’s activities, the power has been upgraded and upgraded, and the results have become more concrete. I look forward to reporting to you.


    January 12  IVI Interim Report Meeting for members

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    IVI regional seminar 2017, Recuirtment of 10 venues (First published in Japanese in January, 2017)

      IVI 2017 seminars will be done with public support.

      Institute Industrial Value Chain Initiative ( IVI in), IoT to promote bottom-up digitization utilizing, in order to realize the smart Manufacturing of small and medium-sized manufacturing industry, in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, IVI practice seminar We will openly recruit implementation agencies for 2017 .

      IVI practice seminar, 2016 fiscal nationwide 4 carried out in one area, a total of 71 companies, 83 small and medium-sized enterprises of the key person of the people to participate, a number of achievements was to start and end. In FY 2017 , the target was 10 regions nationwide, and with the support organizations and support organizations in each region, more than 200 small and medium-sized manufacturing companies were digitized and networked through practical seminars and further follow-ups. To help

      As the Fourth Industrial Revolution progresses, the support organization and organizations that support the small and medium-sized manufacturing industry rooted in the community on a daily basis will implement an industrial value chain in implementing measures that are expected to have concrete and steady effects.・ The initiative will assist the implementation of the seminar as a co-organizer based on the management know-how of local seminars.

    For more information, see → Information for open call for participants

    For application form, go to → Application form

    ■ Application period:

    [Primary] January 10 to January 31, 2017
    [Secondary] February 20 to March 10

    ■ Result notification:

    [Primary] Friday, February 10 [Secondary] Friday, March 17 

    ■ Briefing session:

    January 19 (Thu) 13: 00-15: 00 
    Hosei University Niimi Campus, 9th floor creative space studio
    “Thank you for your participation. The handout is here .”


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    IVI Newsletter Vol.10 (2016/12/27)

    Result of IVI Symposium 2016 -Autumn- (October 13, 2016)

     23 business scenario of the WG as including, as a result of about half a year activity, “as a place of trials and activities of the reporting IVI Public Symposium 2016-Autumn- ” the 10 May 13 days ( Thursday ) to TKP in Ichigaya Conference Center It was held. A total of 830 people attended, including a social gathering. 

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