Industrial Structure Council Intellectual Property Subcommittee, the patent system Subcommittee (August 3, 2016)

  Industrial Structure Council Intellectual Property Subcommittee No. 15 times the patent system Sub-Committee ( Heisei 28 years 8 May 3 days, held at the Patent Office) Nishioka, IVI president in has received a hearing as experts. 

  In the presentation entitled “The World and the Intellectual Property System Expected by the Fourth Industrial Revolution ”, Prof. Nishioka stated that the boundary between digital and analog from the perspective of a connected factory and a platform that provides services for it. The question was raised that the redefinition of the boundary between the competitive area and the cooperative area might be an issue in the intellectual property system.

  The industry trend related to the 4th Industrial Revolution has also attracted interest from intellectual property experts, and many questions were raised and lively discussions took place. As the relationship between companies and customers becomes more complex and new forms of information that are intellectual property are generated, it is necessary to improve the laws beyond the current framework. There was also an opinion that we should go.

  I also exchanged greetings with Yoshinori Komiya, the Japan Patent Office, to cooperate in future policy proposals.

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