Industry 4.0 Symposium (10 May 26 , 2016) IVI President Nishioka lectured

  Indudtry 4.0 Symposium was held on October 26, 2016.

  “Industry 4.0 Symposium: Promotion of Smart Manufacturing – TU9 German Institute of Technology” ( co-sponsored by German Science and Innovation Forum Tokyo ( DWIH Tokyo) and German Institute of Technology ( TU9 ))

  And then, President Nishioka gave a lecture titled “ IVI Platform that Supports the Value Chain of Connected Factories” .

  An article about the lecture was posted on the website .

  Please take a look at the article.

Articles from German Science and Innovation Forum Tokyo ( DWIH Tokyo)

Nikkei Technology online article (what is a “connected factory” after all)