Lecture at JIMTOF 2016 (November 22, 2016)

  JIMTOF 2016  “from Japan as a special lecture at the Annual Meeting of the Japan International Machine Tool Fair ” lead plant “IVI (Industrial Value Chain Initiative) will give a talk of efforts”.

  Introducing IVI ‘s activities and activities of the Business Scenario WG that was announced at the public symposium on October 13th .

  This time, we will introduce the activities of 1 WG from the themes of equipment management, predictive maintenance, maintenance service, collaboration between companies, and SMEs in the business scenario .

 Equipment management: Factory manufacturing reform (Toyota, etc.) where people and equipment grow together

 Predictive maintenance: Predictive maintenance of press machines and panel transport devices (OMRON, etc.)

 Maintenance services: Increasing service added value after sales of in-house products (NEC etc.)

 Inter-company collaboration: Process progress and delivery time management between multiple factories (Fujitsu, etc.)

 Small and medium-sized enterprises: Horizontal collaboration of SMEs and visualization of progress (AIS, etc.)

  Introducing what you really want to do with IoT on the factory floor in the manufacturing industry, with videos.

  Please come by all means.

■ date and time November 22, 2016 (Tuesday) 13:30 to 15:00

■ Location Tokyo Big Sight Conference Tower 7th Floor International Conference Hall

■ Details JIMTOF

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