IVI Nwesletter Vol.11 (January 18, 2017)

New Year Greeting

  I would like to make 2017 a year where “ connected factories ” will leap to the world.

  Last year, 3 public symposium of May IVI for the first time as a 20 performs the results report on the business scenario, 6 was appointed an organizational structure as a general incorporated association in May. In addition, IVI ‘s business scenario method has been expanded to four locations nationwide, including Shizuoka , and initiatives have been started for the IVI platform that supports demonstration experiments . On the basis of these activities, this year of 3 to May 2 as an outcome of the year ” lead factory ” to achieve the 25 make the announcement of the business scenarios. I would like to continue working on this activity with the members and the people who are supporting IVI in order to make this year even more exciting .

  The purpose of the efforts so far was to catch up with Western efforts. However, in order for the Japanese manufacturing industry to develop and grow, it is necessary to broaden and broaden its perspective from Japan to the world with an eye toward the next 10 or 20 years. Rather than follow the European and American leadership, we need to take the role and responsibility to open up the future of the manufacturing industry in line with Germany and the United States. Last year from this idea is also focus on overseas activities, 4 May and the Hannover Messe, 5 of May in Manila ” Asia IoT Business Platform 7th “, 10 of May Barcelona ” IOT Solution World Congress in” IVI to lecture the activities, This was highly appreciated.

  On the other hand, with regard to “standardization”, in December of last year, we established our own “IVRA (Industrial Value Chain Reference Architecture) Ver. 1” smart manufacturing reference architecture and published it ( link ). We would like to participate in the examination of international standards led by Europe and the United States, aiming to become a future-oriented company that plays a part in the development of the manufacturing industry. IVI the members and officials of thought participate in this “IVRA” to put in, from Japan to the world, actively transmitting thoughts and expectations for the manufacturing industry in the future-oriented, 3 this year to celebrate the year, IVI activities Let’s make a leap forward!

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