IVI Letter Vol.4 (April 26, 2016)

Business Scenario WG in 2016

  Prof. Nishioka explained how to proceed with the Business Scenario WG this year. New WG was formed a 1 preparation phase to promote the activities of the year Star – you bet.
5 May 12 (Thursday), 6 May 9 business scenario of the formal activities through the activities of the day (Thursday) WG will continue to determine the ( IVI plenary session of the first monthly 2 is Thursday held).
If you are considering joining IVI, it is recommended that you join this period when you start a new activity in the new year.

  In order to promote various activities in 2016 , we will establish a new platform committee, advisory award committee, and local network committee.

2016 fiscal year of IVI organization

Activity plan for 2016


  In fiscal 2016 , IVI will hold three symposiums that can be widely attended by non-members to share their activities.

2016 of fiscal IVI activities proposed schedule

Regional seminars and workshops

  Previous IVI meetings have been held only in Tokyo. Mini seminars are held four times a year so that local SMEs can participate .
In order to manage local seminars, IVI has established a local network committee to materialize the host districts and contents.

  Specifically, local governments, local support organizations, and small and medium-sized enterprises form a group, and continuously hold about four seminars and workshops annually. It will be positioned as a mini version of the business scenario WG in Tokyo . Actually active IVI members will visit and support the region.

Regional seminar / workshop proposal

IVI pre-announcement of the symposium (June 17, 2016)

  This year from Papurishiti Committee 1 gave a pre-announcement of the time of the symposium.
6 May 17 afternoon (Friday), performed in the Tokyo Big Sight. The symposium is open to non-members.

  IVI in the 2015 business scenario has been active in fiscal WG 20 excellence as a “leading Manufacturing Award” from the group WG a 5 group selection. We plan to give awards ceremony and presentation of the best WG . The target WG will be selected by the Advisory Award Committee . 

Symposium implementation plan

Lecture at the Hannover Messe (April 28, 2016)

  IVI president Nishioka  Hannover Messe 2016 of ” Industrie 4.0 Meets The Industrial Internet”. I give a lecture in.

■ About the lecture

    April 28 at 11:00 ~ Stand D19 Hall 8 “Industrial Value Chain Initiative (IVI) – A Japanese Contribution To Smart Manufacturing”

  If you are attending Hannover Messe, please listen to the lecture by IVI President Nishioka.
  We will be taking a commemorative photo after the lecture.

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Editor’s note

  IVI News letter 4 in No., 2016 of fiscal IVI brought to you by the activity information.
Or future IVI new challenges is the beginning of. IVI to share the information of IVI we expect that the spread circle of activities.

  We will continue to deliver useful information to everyone, so please look forward to your patronage.

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