IVI President Nishioka visited Platform Industry 4.0 (First published in Japanese in September, 2016)

  Platform Industry in Berlin, Germany 4.0 office of IVI President Yasuyuki Nishioka and Axel Saleck Mr. ( IVI visited in the evangelist), the Secretary-General Henning Banthien Mr., and the German Federal Energy I interviewed Jan Siedentopp , the ministry’s Secretary for Industry 4.0 on September 13, 2016. 

  First , the IVI side explained the history of the activities so far, especially the scenario-based U-scale description method and the results of SMEs participating in the activities of the working group very actively with shoulders from large corporate members. I explained that I was raising. The German side is particularly focused on supporting SMEs, and there are expectations that the results of these activities and the process itself will be developed into exchanges at each member level. It was.

  In addition, IVI presented the reference models for the eight platforms as part of this year’s work, and introduced how the platformers can handle use cases based on these models. Since the IVI model is likely to be consistent with the RAMI model, there was a comment that first of all we expect the results of March next year, while also considering the collaboration with the standardization activities being promoted by WG1 . .

  The German side asked about the relationship between IVI and RRI in Japan and the future international development of IVI . As for the former, IVI is good at accumulating needs on a private basis from the bottom up . On the other hand, RRI is leading a large framework such as responding to government measures and cooperation with other countries , but both are very Explained that this is a cooperative and complementary relationship. He explained that the latter is currently passive because of the lack of human resources, but that he will continue to actively communicate, such as IIC and IOTSWC in Barcelona in October .

  In this meeting, over 90 minutes, in addition to the above, it was a rough talk about various circumstances and concerns about how to proceed, and we were able to build a mutual trust relationship at the top level. In addition, in particular, IVI about the activities of, in Germany LABS network and IIC test bed with a slightly different part of, until now did so did not I have you quite understand, this time IVI and the whole scheme of activities They seemed to have a good understanding of the flow of construction and implementation of business scenarios starting from the troubles of the field, and to be able to evaluate their concreteness and effectiveness very much.

  In the future, METI and RRI under the leadership of, 10 of May CEATEC JAPAN , next year 3 of the March CeBIT at the time of going back and forth to each other, etc., that they want to deepen further specific discussion, IVI as He responded that he wanted to expand the international network while doing as much as possible.

  From left : Mr. Saleck , IVI President Nishioka, Executive Director Banthien , Mr. Siedentopp