Lecture at Hannover Messe 2018 (First published in Japanese in March, 2018)

  Hannover Messe (held on April 23-27) is the birthplace of Industry 4.0 , and once a year, it is a place of publicity, an event that attracts attention from manufacturers around the world. During Forum Industry 4.0 , inquiries on carefully selected topics will be inquired over a 30-minute period. This is a showcase that attracted the attention of each country and region of this year’s smart factory. The third presentation from IVI was adopted for the third consecutive year.

  The place is Hall 8 Stand D17, which is a hall where two topics of industrial automation and digital factory are gathered.


  IVI is also exhibiting a booth jointly with JEMA (Japan Electrical Manufacturers’ Association), so it will be on standby during the period, so if you miss the presentation, go to the booth Please drop in. I think I can convey the impact of IVRA-Next . This is Hall 7 Stand A31 .


See you all in Hannover!

IVI JEMA Hannover Messe stand

Visitors from IVI to IVI JEMA Hannover Messe stand