Recruitment of regional seminar 2018 (for support organizations) (First published in Japanese in March, 2018)

  IVI holds regional seminars to support the introduction of IT and IoT in small and medium-sized manufacturers throughout Japan. Already in Fiscal Year 2016, 83 people from 71 companies in 4 bases attended the course, and in FY2017, 125 companies from 8 bases nationwide, 159 attended. IVI’s bottom-up KAIZEN method for connected manufacturing gives great awareness even at sites that are unfamiliar with IT, and has contributed to taking the first step of new IT KAIZEN using data.

  In Fiscal Year 2018, we have further established a system and can respond to as many as 15 locations nationwide to meet the demands of as many regions as possible. In addition, we offer a one-day course experience seminar for everyone in the area who first noticed. By all means, IVI will be happy to support your local small and medium-sized manufacturing industry, and we will propose a seminar program. Please consider.

For more information, see Program flyer

  For inquiries, please contact the IVI Secretariat Ishikawa