Manufacturing IT Meister Instructor Training (Notice) (First published in Japanese in March, 2018)

  At the IVI Symposium 2018, there is a panel discussion about the human resource image of the manufacturing industry IT Meister, and expectations are rising as a human resource who will be responsible for the future of the new manufacturing industry. Manufacturing IT Meister is a human resource who uses IT and IoT as tools while focusing on manufacturing, gathers on-site trust at one hand, cooperates with other sites, and in some cases other companies A person who uses digital technology with one hand in the field.

  Some large and medium-sized companies may be struggling with such talent. Everyone who is working hard with a small budget, regardless of the information system department, please gather! Even in a small and medium-sized company, you are not an IT expert as a president’s right arm, but you are struggling to digitize in-house using Excel and various free software! Would you like to learn knowledge and technology again at the seminar and expand your human network?

For more information, see “ Manufacturing IT Meister Instructor Training (Notice) ”