IVI Startup Seminar 2020 (Application needed for the Seminar) (First published in Japanese in April, 2020)

  IVI’s activities in 2020 will begin with the startup seminar on May 14. It will be held on the web and will be one month later than usual this year due to the new coronavirus infection.

  The global economy is hanging in the balance by the invisible enemy, the new coronavirus. The movements of people, services, production and all movements are being braked. The most disturbing problem is that the exit of this dark tunnel is not yet visible. However, we can overcome this threat someday. In preparation for the days, IVI will continue to take on challenges in 2020, as the new era after the new coronavirus will be a digital society in which the connection between people will be more emphasized.

  Mr. Francisco Betti, the leader of the future manufacturing group of WEF (World Economic Forum), will be a special guest speaker of this seminar. There will be a keynote speech by Nishioka, IVI president, as usual, and lectures on activities of IVI committees in this year.

  Live streaming will be available on YouTube on May 14, from 13:00. Fill in the required items on the application below. The application is required for the participation.

Application for IVI Startup Seminar 2020:

 Thank you for your cooperation.