IVI Newsletter No.32 (May 7, 2020)

  We are pleased to publish the first newsletter in 2020. Thank you for waiting.
  The world has changed completely over the last few months. With understanding that it is indispensable to adapt to the big changes to survive, IVI does not stop progressing. That was what Prof. Nishioka, IVI President, and Mr. Nishimura, IVI Chief Organizer, said as described below.

  We will hold Startup Seminar using live streaming. Stay tuned.

« Prospect of IVI, by IVI President »

  With the spread of coronavirus infections, the world is about to change. As we know from history, this is not the first time of the battles between human beings and virus, and we are now struggling in the midst of such history. This is a reality, so new decisions and actions are always required. In the modern age of globalization of people, things and information, how does the society change, or have to change, if movement of people, which is essential for sustainability of the society, and contacts between people are restricted to the utmost limit? You have to think by yourself about new solutions to this situation, which you have never thought, depending on your own situations.

  It has been a long time since shift to an information society took place, but the information around us, the information available and able to use, seems to be missing something important for a society, where we have to live with the coronavirus for the next few years. I don’t think so-called Digital Transformation (DX) is the answer to the problem. The essence of human-to-human communications, which are the basis of a society, seems to have remained unchanged from ancient times to the present, and Industry 4.0 and Society 5.0 can be established with the basis of human-to-human connections.

  If this is true, I would like to think once again, returning to the starting point, about what a society should be, where humans play an important role, and what companies and organizations can do. What do people learn from information and how do they interact with information as living people (consumers) and as producers (workers)? After that, what can be done with the digital and what the digital can do? Thinking the things in this order, we can see what the digital cannot do on the contrary. And I found that I was noticed it was almost the same with what was revealed by the pandemic.

  Based on the assumption that the battle with the coronavirus should be a long-term one, IVI aims the realization of “Connected Manufacturing” in the same way as before, separating the digital and the analog, and providing techniques and mechanisms for separation of cooperation areas and competition areas. While many service providers which are supporting communities are in a critical situation, it is the role of manufacturing to produce necessary products and deliver them to the providers and consumers together with information. The thoughts and messages added to the products by the producers are carried to consumers through supply chains and value chains. IVI, who proposes ” Connected Manufacturing”, should try its best on this point. Now activities of 2020, fiscal year, will start.

« 2020, fiscal year, by Chief Organizer »

  It’s a pleasure for me to write to you, everyone. My name is Hideaki Nishimura (Brother Industries), and I will work as a Chief Organizer in 2020, too. I am writing this article on the newsletter, which is the first issue of the year.

  IVI Open Symposium 2020 -Spring- was cancelled, where the results many of you achieved from the activities of Business Scenario WG, Advanced Study Group and Regional Seminars would have been presented. We are looking for the way how we can re-start the projects in 2020 due to concern of the spread of the new coronavirus. Crises have often created innovations, for example, the automobile industry, which once took a big lead with fuel-efficient cars in the international market after the oil shock. Though I don’t know yet what kind of innovation this coronavirus would create, I think that there will be a big change in the way of working in a cyberspace from the change of thinking about working. Based on this idea, I would try to change the way of thinking to IVI activities that are close to the manufacturing sites with bottom-up thinking, and think about a possibility of remote operation of Business Scenario WG. Please continue to participate in IVI activities in 2020, fiscal year, with the feeling of enjoying the changes. Thank you.

« Output of the activities of 2019, fiscal year »

 Here are some of the achievements of 2019.

(1) Publication of “IVI Business Scenario Collection 2020”

 ”IVI Business Scenario Collection 2020″ is a report of activities for one year, which are the results of Business Scenario WG of 2019, fiscal year. There were eighteen subgroups working in Business Scenario WG of 2019. Over 100 scenarios have been completed since 2015 when IVI started. The report will be distributed to IVI members and available for sale for applicants other than the members. If you want to purchase it, write an email to;

  IVI Secretariat

    office @ iv-i.org.

  Back numbers are also available for purchase.

  The feature of 2019 activities was that IVI modeler, by which IVI Smart Thinking could be adopted, were deployed to all subgroup activities of the WG and the scenarios were completed, while business flows were being drawn using eighteen charts with focuses on actors like theatrical plays. The flows of the activities were like this; subgroups were formed with about ten people, as the number of people of a subgroup was rather small, including people with experience in manufacturing and people with experience in IT, starting from problems seen in manufacturing sites, drawing AS-IS and TO-BE, then, there were system integration, implementation, and demonstration experiments.

  We were trying to understand how IoT would change factories and what kind of technologies would be used for the purpose.

(Mizuno, Chairman, IVI Business Cooperation Committee, CKD)


(2) Panels of Advanced Study Group (ASG)

 The panels of Advanced Study Group (ASG), which had been planned to be exhibited at IVI Open Symposium 2020 -Spring-, were released on the web.

→ https://iv-i.org/wp/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/ASG_panel.pdf

« Startup Seminar information, May 14, afternoon (Thursday) »

  We will hold Startup Seminar using live streaming, though the schedule of annual events has been changed. We hope your participations.

  Date and time: May 14 (Thursday), 13:00 to 17:00


→ https://iv-i.org/wp/ja/2020/04/30/startup_seminar2020/

  You can join the seminar on YouTube, both members and non-members.

  We will also announce the selection results of the ” Manufacturing Award 2020 “. (Welcome seminar held until last year will not be held this year.)

Editor’s note
  The spring symposium was canceled and we were continuing our activities with unclear outlook, thinking that IVI needs to power up its communication skills. Send us your opinions freely for turning the difficulties into opportunities.

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