IVI Regional Seminar, Presentation documents available on the web (First published in Japanese in June, 2020)

  We are pleased to announce that the presentation documents of IVI Regional Seminar Results Report Meeting held on the web on April 16 (Thursday) are available now.


Iwao Kaminakata, Hirokiko Corporation   
Setting and automatic collection of standard working time for multiple processing equipment-Aiming at improving productivity with responding to increasing requests for traceability- (PDF file)


Mototsugu Nishiyama, AUZAC Co., Ltd.
Productivity improvement for cooperation with customers and subcontractors-To realize “Fukuyama AUZAC model” aiming at improving productivity by connecting each other with local companies- (PDF file)


Shizuka Yoshioka, Nagaoka City IoT Promotion Laboratory
Example Report of Nagaoka City IoT Promotion Lab (PDF file) ,
Investment for the Future-Nagaoka city Innovation Hub Introduction movie of an example (YouTube)


Mitsunari Nakajima, Hideo Ozaki, Saijo Inx Co., Ltd.
Visualization of press machine status by IoT (PDF file)


Kaoru Iwata, IT Coordinator Yamanashi
Examples of IoT introductions to manufacturing industries in Yamanashi Prefecture (PDF file)


Jiro Nichiai, TAFCo., Ltd.
Simplified daily input to man-hour report of equipment setup (PDF file)


Ryunosuke Hamazaki, Nagasaki Institute of Public Policy
Activity examples in Nagasaki, creating ideas by design thinking (PDF file)


Yoshiro Nagai, Shizuoka Industrial Foundation


Tomoya Tsujimura, Industry and Labor Department of Fukui Prefecture
Fukui AI Business OPEN Lab (PDF file)


Hideyuki Saito, Hokko Metal Industry Corporation
Monitoring the operation status of SKV groove cutting machine-For measuring the productivity of an entire factory- (PDF file)


Noriaki Shibata, Fuji Industry Corporation
Project M -Aiming for a factory with high production efficiency without stress- (PDF file)