IVI Open Symposium 2020 -Autumn-, Information

IVI Open Symposium 2020 -Autumn-
-The manufacturing revolution is underway despite the effects of the coronavirus –

   As the coronavirus influenced and divided the value chains of the world, the way of manufacturing has begun to proceed in a new direction. We will proceed to a new era of manufacturing with the progress of digitalization which is not the extension of the past in the era of “After the Coronavirus”.
   We may be able to foresee the new era of manufacturing at the symposium with you through the ideas and technologies of “Connected Industries” developed by IVI. You are welcome to join the symposium.


Industrial Value Chain Initiative (IVI)


Central Japan Quality Control Association, Robot Revolution & Industrial IoT Initiative, Business + IT, MONOistMonodukuri Nippon Committee (モノづくり日本会議)

■Date and time

October 8 (Thursday), 2020, 12:30 to 18:40


Part 1: Web distribution
Part 2: Web conferencing system, interaction among attendees

■Participation fee






 ・Programs and speakers may change due to unavoidable conditions.
 ・If you join with your colleagues of your company or some organization, apply for the symposium by each attendee individually.
 ・We will send you the URL and ID of the online participation. Do not share the URL and ID to a third party without permission.


【Part 1】Opening

General moderator:

Hideaki Nishimura, IVI Chief Organizer (Brother Industries, Ltd.)


【Opening Remarks】
 Yuji Watanabe, IVI Director of Secretariat


【Invited Lecture】
“Management ‘At Your Side’ with Data”
 Toshikazu Koike, Emeritus Chairman, Brother Industries, Ltd.


【IVI Opinion】
“Digitalization, Dataization and the future of Value Economy”
 Yasuyuki Nishioka, IVI president (Professor, Hosei University)


【Introduction of excellent cases of Business Scenario WG, 2019)

Hidenori Ichimoto, Vice Chairman, IVI Business Cooperation Committee (Mazda)
   ※See “Introduction of excellent cases of Business Scenario WG, 2019” below for excellent cases.


Break Time


“Overcome new normal manufacturing with Smart Thinking”
 Hideaki Nishimura, IVI Chief Organizer (Brother Industries, Ltd.)


【Report to current progress of Business Scenario WG, 2020】
Hiroyuki Mizuno, Chairman, IVI Business Cooperation Committee (CKD)
 Presenters of Scenario WGs
   ※See “Reports of Business Scenario WG, 2020” for presenters.


Break Time


【Highlight of Advanced Study Group】
Introduction of group activity: AI and Deep Learning Applied Research Subcommittee
 Koji Tomita Chairman, IVI General Planning Committee (Yaskawa Electric)
 Toshiaki Hirata Project Manager, IVI AI and Deep Leaning Applied Research Subcommittee (Computron)


【IVI Panel discussion】
“Wisdom, Knowledge and Insight of manufacturing to survive the Coronavirus epidemic”
 Osamu Horimizu, IVI Fellow (Hitachi, Ltd.)
 Yukihide Seki, IVI Fellow (NEC)
 Yoshihiko Watanabe, IVI Vice Chief Organizer (Izu Giken Industry)
 Yasutaka Koga, IVI Technology Supervisor


【Part 1】Ending


【Part 2】Opening

Moderator: Hideaki Nishimura, IVI Chief Organizer (Brother Industries)


【Online Social gathering】
 Online social gatherings to be held with the members of Business Scenario WG and CIOF Committee, etc.

 ※The contents may change without notice.

 Room number 

Online social gathering theme 


CIOF Opinion Leaders, to gather here


Connected Manufacturing by Brother Industries


IVI Connected Manufacturing Award Cases


Current progress, Business Scenario WG (1), 2020


Current progress, Business Scenario WG (2), 2020


Wisdom, Knowledge and Insight to survive the Coronavirus epidemic


IVI consultation room: Individual consultation, enrollment consultation, etc. are available.


【Part 2】Ending

【Introduction of excellent cases of Business Scenario WG, 2019】
  ※Programs and speakers may change without notice.

IVI Connected Manufacturing Award, 2020 winners

Award of the Year

 WG number

Title of Business Scenario WG



Visualization, analysis and optimization for records of human and things II (pursuit of next-generation IE)

Mazda et al.

Award of Excellence


Quality improvement of a material production line – Casting of cylinder heads 

Mitsubishi Electric et al. 


Secure data distribution service – AI implementation at edges to make a production site intelligent

Toshiba et al.


Visualizing information about equipment maintenance

CKD et al.

Award of Recognition


Efficient collaboration between design and manufacturing

NIKON et al.


【Reports of Business Scenario WG, 2020】
  ※Programs and speakers may change without notice.

Session 1:Everyone is happy with a little more effort. Move forward with wisdom and ingenuity.

 WG number

Title of Business Scenario WG 



How to connect for mass customization

Hiroshi Yamamoto, IHI


Improving operational efficiency by visualizing process capability

Ryosuke Fujita, Kobe Steel, Ltd.


Predictive maintenance of consumable parts in production equipment

Atsushi Moroshita, Kurita Industry


Realization of low-cost information acquisition for product management

Hiroshi Toozuka, Leimac

Session 2: Implementation heaven / Analysis paradise, Two tops of IoT


Improvement in productivity of production line by AI, Forth report

Hidenori Ichimoto, Mazda


Inspection automation platform, utilization heaven

Hiroshi Honda, CKD


Die-cast cylinder block material quality improvement

Satoshi Noguchi, Mitsubishi Electric

Session 3: Transport that cannot be self-restrained should be three steps, such as visualization, independence and automation.


Parts storage logistics automation by remote control of transport equipment

Taishi Okuya, Mazda


Innovation and analysis of “Transport of goods” which does not create value

Keisuke Oshima, Serendip HLDGs


Visualization of achievements of people and things, part 3 (Next generation IE pursuit)

Arata Yoshioka, Mazda

Session 4: To go to the scene in distance, that is connecting formation.


Remote manufacturing process (Visual inspection)

Taiki Seto, NIKON


IVI type manufacturing evolution with edge AI and data distribution

Yasuo Matsuoka, Toshiba


Edge and remote on-site support

Yasuhiro Yoshimoto, Mitsubishi Electric