IVI Newsletter No.33 (September 28, 2020)

   We are pleased to inform you that IVI Symposium will be held online on October 8. We are having so-called new normal style IVI activities in the time influenced by the coronavirus. The goal of IVI activities still remains the same, that is realizing “Connected Manufacturing”.
   You are welcome to join the symposium even if you have not participated the symposium before. Take advantage of the good access to the online symposium.

≪ IVI Open Symposium 2020 -Autum-, applications now available ≫

   We will have an online symposium with the title “The manufacturing revolution is underway despite the effects of the coronavirus”. You are welcome to join the symposium to have a chance to understand the power of digitalization while the value chains are being reconstructed.

■Date and time

October 8 (Thursday), 2020, 12:30 to 18:40


Part 1: Web distribution
Part 2: Web conferencing system, interaction among attendees

■Participation fee



For application and the program, see here.

≪ Notice of CIOF Practical Seminar 2020 ≫

   We will have CIOF (Connected Industries Open Framework) Practical Seminar online in the afternoon on October 1st. We hope to offer you an opportunity to get information about CIOF before the demonstration experiment which starts in the autumn.

■Date and time

October 1, 2020 (Thursday), 13:30 to 16:00


Web lecture

■Participation fee



For application, see here.

≪ Activities of ASG (Advanced Study Group), Part 1 ≫

   ASG is activities to study about advanced themes which may offer seeds to solve problems and to be studied for one or three years. We will introduce one by one about them based on the reports from the groups, starting from this issue. The first issue is here from AR device utilization research group.

■Group Number


■Group Name

AR device utilization research group

■The goal of the group

Evaluation of a prototype AR device and software suitable and ideal for manufacturing

■Number of members

17 people including chief and assistant project managers

■Chief project manager

Hidenori Ichimoto (Mazda)


Manabu Kawada (Schneider Electric Japan Holdings Ltd.)



<Theme and what the group studied>
   The group is studying about AR (Augmented Reality) devices and software optimal for industrial uses, focusing on how AR devices, which can add information to actual images, are used and what are the needs for them. We have classified the needs of industrial use cases and evaluated products in two years which have been commercialized. As a result, we have noticed clearly that there are not products which satisfies currently the needs. Accordingly, we are now making a prototype AR device and software for picking applications in warehouses.

Examples of evaluated devices and assumed applications

Source: Web page of NEC

<Results of the activity and the future>
   We have prototyped an inexpensive and lightweight eyeglass-type device to satisfy picking applications with reference to NorthStar Project, which is an open source project of AR devices. We will improve the device and prototype software which supports picking applications and try demonstration experiment at an actual factory then. We are looking for new members who can cooperate with us to make hardware and software prototypes. If you are interested in the activity, you are welcome to join us.


Needs to AR devices and Project NorthStar

Main features

– Less fatigue

– Little discomfort between real and virtual images

– High speed confirmation

– Less expensive

≪ IVI YouTube channel ≫

   IVI has an IVI YouTube channel.
   We are posting movies for introducing IVI and about IVI Connected Manufacturing Award. We will post more movies. Subscribe the channel and check the contents.


  Editor notes
   There are things which cannot be changed in manufacturing sites, while working styles have changed considerably. I think it is the time for changing with the power of digitalization and IVI can provide the hint to us. 

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