CIOF Practical Seminar 2020, Presentation documents translated into English and available on the web

   The presentation documents of CIOF Practical Seminar 2020, which was held on the web on October 1, have been translated into English and available now. Click the titles to see the PDF files.


  CIOF Practical Seminar 2020 Part1_EN_20201001

  CIOF Practical Seminar 2020 Part2_EN_20201001


  CIOF Practical Seminar was held as the followings. IVI introduced CIOF, which would be a basis for data connection among companies in order to create an ecosystem of companies for IT systems and solutions, from every kind of aspects.

■Date and time: October 1, 2020 (Thursday), 13:30 to 16:00

■Location     : Web lecture

■Lecturer     : Professor Yasuyuki Nishioka (IVI President)



【Part 1】 CIOF as a Basic OS for Data Distribution Among Companies

 Companies can improve their ways to offer their software and IT solutions to their customers and business models which make relationship between the customers and themselves by Digital Transformation. The lecture is about use cases which CIOF will realize for manufacturing industry and business model change of companies which join CIOF.

Targeted attendees

 Management and marketing department people of IT companies


【Part 2】 CIOF Architecture Overview and System Implementation Procedure

   The lecture is about internal functions and structures to realize CIOF functions, especially about important concepts and architecture, for engineers who develop IT systems. Also, about API, software development environment and the steps required for companies, which develop software for users in the field of manufacturing, to comply CIOF.

Targeted attendees

 Developers and engineers of IT companies and research institutes