[Documents now available] IVI Startup Seminar 2021 will be held on April 15, Non-members are also welcome

We will have Startup Seminar 2021 on April 15 (Thursday) as the first project of fiscal year 2021.

The real world and the Internet (cyber) world are merging more and more, and the CPS (cyber-physical) world will accelerate more and more in the future. According to newspapers and other media, the manufacturing industry has been recovering its business performance comparing to the rest of industries. However, the key to making a new leap is to take advantage of this opportunity to reform the companies’ structures and change their mindsets with the coming of a new era.

We will be promoting the use of IVI’s services to mid-sized companies in particular this year. Non-members are also welcome to attend. We look forward to seeing you at the seminar.

Date and time:April 15 (Thursday), 2021 13: 30-17: 00
Venue:Online streaming (Teams live event, scheduled)
Application:Application has been closed.
April 14 14:00 was the deadline



13:30 Opening

2021 IVI Business Overview

 Hidenori Ichimoto (IVI Chief Organizer)
13:50 Keynote Speech

Recommendation of autonomous decentralized DX by connected factories

 Yasuyuki Nishioka (President, IVI)
14:10 2021 New Business (1)

Terminology Dictionary, Collaboration Tool, and Platform

 Yasuyuki Nishioka (President, IVI)
14:30 break
14:40 2021 Business Scenario WG

– Business Scenario Category Overview

– Smart Thinking Procedure by WGs

– Themes recruited and Participation Procedure

 Yoshihiko Watanabe (Chairman, IVI Business Cooperation Committee)
15:20 Connecting with local SMEs

– Developing IT Meister leaders in the manufacturing industry

– What is the regional seminar hybrid version?

 Yoshinao Kitano (Chairman, IVI Education Promotion Committee)
15:40 break
15:50 2021 New business (2)

Information dissemination site for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies

– Reporting the true intentions and seriousness of small and medium-sized manufacturing companies-

 Makiko Naemura (Chairman, IVI General Planning Committee)
16:10 Advanced Research Group Selection

– IoT and Management Accounting, DX and Business Model (tentative name: new group), AI Deep Learning Application, New Era SC and Corporate Collaboration ,etc.??

 Shingo Naito (IVI General Planning Committee)
16:20 2021 New Business (3)

Delivery-type Workshop

– Support from visualization to making business smart-

 Yasuyuki Nishioka (President, IVI)
16:50 Closing Yuji Watanabe (Director of Secretariat, IVI)
17:00 End

Contact: https://iv-i.org/