IVI and TPA (Technology Promotion Association, Thailand-Japan) sign comprehensive agreement

Industrial Value Chain Initiative (IVI President, Yasuyuki Nishioka, Professor, Hosei University) and Technology Promotion Association (Thailand-Japan) (TPA President, Dr. Surapant Meknavin), an organization dedicated to transfer, diffusion, and human resource development of the latest technology and knowledge from Japan to Thailand, signed a comprehensive agreement on July 30, 2021.

Based on this agreement, IVI and TPA will actively promote activities such as exchange of information on each other’s experiences, sharing of use cases, and mutual participation in each other’s activities.

IVI and TPA have agreed to collaborate on the following activities;

  1. Exchange of mutual experiences
  2. Sharing of use cases
  3. Promote interaction and collaboration between companies
  4. Other activities as agreed upon by both parties.

Message from TPA President Dr. Surapant Meknavin:

We see this collaboration agreement as one of the mechanisms to promote the introduction of the latest technologies for DX. The goal is to improve the capacity of Thai industrial human resources in the future as well as to increase understanding and interest in the use of IoT in the manufacturing industry. We hope that both parties will actively exchange information to promote the formation of the network, strengthen the relationship, and contribute to sustainable industrialization by expanding knowledge to Thai industry.


Message from IVI President Prof. Yasuyuki Nishioka:

TPA and IVI have already interacted with each other in the form of seminars, and we very much appreciate the very positive and proactive approach of the Thai people towards IoT and IT. Digital technology is a very important technology in Corona spread. On the other hand, even if the data is digitally connected, it is important to convey the information, value, and feelings it implies to others. In order to do this, we need a collaborative place like the MoU where organizations can learn new mechanisms and manufacturing methods together. I would like to work together with the people of Thailand to create a system of “connected manufacturing” that will be more widespread and effective.


TPA President Surapant Meknavin and IVI President Nishioka (right)

(The signing ceremony was conducted online.)


■What is Technology Promotion Association (TPA)?

TPA is a non-profit organization established on January 24, 1973 by former international students and trainees of Japan for the purpose of transferring and disseminating the latest technology and knowledge from Japan to Thailand and developing human resources for the economic development of Thailand.

It is one of the leading organizations in Thailand in terms of industrial and social contribution activities, providing various types of industrial technology training, production technology and kaizen guidance at factories, calibration of industrial equipment, publication of technical books, and language schools for Japanese and Thai.

With the cooperation of its Japanese counterpart, the Japan-Thailand Economic Cooperation Society (JTECS), the project is being carried out with close ties to Japan.

In addition, the Thai-Japanese Institute of Technology (TNI) was established in July 2007, and is working to develop core industrial human resources who are equipped with advanced academics, the Japanese concept of manufacturing, and communication skills such as Japanese. (https://j.tpa.or.th/index.php)


■What is the Industrial Value Chain Initiative (IVI)?

Industrial Value Chain Initiative (IVI) is a forum mainly for the manufacturing industry established on June 18, 2015, with the aim of realizing “connected” manufacturing based on the concept of “loose standards”, which is made possible by integration of manufacturing and IT in the IoT era. More than 250 companies, including IHI, OMRON, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Kobe Steel, KONNO Corporation, CKD, JTEKT, Daifuku, Toshiba, Toyota, Brother Industries, Nikon, NEC, Panasonic, Hitachi, Ltd., Fujitsu, Mazda, Mitsubishi Electric, Yaskawa Electric, have joined the forum to promote digital transformation (DX) in the manufacturing industry. IVRA-Next, a standardization model that incorporates the strengths of the Japanese manufacturing industry, such as kaizen and the PDCA cycle, and Smart Thinking, a method for organizational transformation, are introduced at Hannover Messe and other venues, and specific software environments for the realization of connected manufacturing are proposed through demonstration experiments of more than 15 use cases every year. (https://iv-i.org/)

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