[Documents now available] IVI Open Symposium 2021 -Autumn-, Information on the event

IVI Open Symposium 2021 -Autumn-
– Until we truly understand what “the new normal” means for the world –

Even though the new coronavirus is not expected to be under control, the external environment surrounding the manufacturing industry is constantly changing. Though the terms “with/after corona,” “carbon neutral,” and “the new normal” have become common words for us, what exactly is changing and what is not? We need more time before we can make a significant change in our mindset and business model. IVI’s “Connected Manufacturing” initiative might provide a hint to find the answer. We look forward to your participation to the symposium.

OrganizerIndustrial Value Chain Initiative
CooperationCentral Japan Quality Control Association, The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers,
Robot Revolution & Industrial IoT Initiative, Business + IT,
MONOist, Monodukuri Nippon Committee (モノづくり日本会議)

(Not in any particular order, Application scheduled)

Date and timeThursday, October 7, 2021, 10:00 – 17:30
Participation feefree
ApplicationPlease apply from here


Time scheduleContentsSpeaker
9:40Opening: Moderator: Hidenori Ichimoto, IVI Chief Organizer (Mazda)
10:00Opening remarksKoji Tomita, IVI Director of Secretariat
10:10Keynote Speech 1
New forms of systems and platforms that support the digital society
Kenji Hiramoto, General Manager, Data Strategy Digital Agency
10:50Keynote Speech 2
Focusing on “facts” from ” data” -IoT that can be used in sites-
Masaharu Oku, President, smart-FOA
11:30Small and Medium-sized Manufacturing Industry on the Move!

-Connected Manufacturing in Practice (Part 1)-

Yasuyuki Nishioka, IVI President (Professor, Hosei University)
12:00Break Time
13:00Invited Lecture (Purpose of the lecture)
“Toward the Era of Renewable Energy as the Main Power Source “
-New Trends in Carbon Neutrality in Manufacturing-
Hideo Ishi, Executive Director, Advanced Collaborative Research Organization for Smart Society (Professor, Waseda University Research Council)
13:40Business Scenario WG session 1
-Digital transformation by using AI-Session material
WG presentation materials are here
Yoshihiko Watanabe, Chairman, IVI Business Cooperation Committee (Izu Giken Kogyo)

Presenters of Business Scenario WGs (see next page for detail)

14:20Break Time
14:30Business Scenario WG session 2

-On-site initiated toughness and total optimization-

WG presentation materials are here

Eiji Takahashi, IVI Business Cooperation Committee (Kobe Steel)

Presenters of Business Scenario WGs (see next page for detail)

15:10Business Scenario WG session 3
-The New Normal of Manufacturing-

WG presentation materials are here

Yasuo Matsuoka, IVI Business Collaboration Committee (Toshiba)

Presenters of Business Scenario WGs (see next page for detail)

15:50Break Time
16:00Connected Industries Open Framework (CIOF), Release of a practical version

(Development Completion Report)

Yuji Watanabe, IVI Fellow

Tomoki Saka, IVI CIOF Task Force

16:30Panel discussion
What will change and what will not change in the new world (Tentative)
Moderator: Toshimitsu Kawano, President, Beckhoff Automation, Director, IVI

Scheduled Panelists:

Hideyuki Egusa, Vice Chairman, IVI Business Collaboration Committee (Mazda),

Kiyotaka Kawashima, Ebara Corporation,

Hiroshi Yoshikawa, Vice Chairman, IVI Business Collaboration (MISUZU Industries Corporation),

Nishioka Yasuyuki, Hosei University

17:25ClosingTomohiko Maeda, Chairman, Symposium Executive Committee (Fujitsu)


Business Scenario 2021, Presentation Details

Session 1: Digital transformation by using AI
WG numberTitle of Business scenario WGPresenter
7A04Automation and sophistication of visual inspection by AIYuta Sakimoto (connectome.design)
7B01Using Edge AI to Manage CMP ProcessesHiroshi Otaki (Ebara Corporation)
7B02Implementing Sensors and Image AI for Predictive MaintenanceHiroshi Yoshikawa(MISUZU Industries Corporation)
7D02In-process management of forging press machinesForest sailing (Nichidai)
7E01Business-to-business collaboration through AI data distribution platformHiroyoshi Sato (ADSTEC)


Session 2: On-site initiated toughness and total optimization
WG numberTitle of Business scenario WGPresenter
7A02Remote on-site support using the edge controller (II)(adjusting the presenter)
7A03Quality control of sand mold for cylinder head castingSatoshi Noguchi (Mitsubishi Electric)
7B03Improving the dynamic capability of facilitiesSeiji Yamanaka (T.B. TECH)
7C02Visualization of Human and Material Performance, Part IV

(Pursuit of Next Generation IE)

Hiroshi Shimada (Mazda)
7D03Minimization of waiting time for equipment personnel in low-volume, high-mix processesSaga root real (NISSIN MANUFACTURING Co., Ltd.)
7E03Affordable data collaboration for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies(adjusting the presenter)


Session 3: The New Normal of Manufacturing
WG numberTitle of Business scenario WGPresenter
7A01Inspection Automation PlatformSho Honda (CKD)
7C01Improving Power Generation Efficiency and Engine Inspection Accuracy with AIHiroyuki Katada (Hirotech)
7C03Visualizing the movement of goods and inventory to reduce losses(adjusting the presenter)
7C04Reducing logistics loss investment through optimal AGV operation and controlYoshiharu Fujii (Mazda)
7D01Unmanned indirect operations by utilizing inter-factory work dataIkumi Kondo (Serendip HD )
7E02Monetization model for business-to-business data distributionKen Iwatsu (Mitsubishi Electric)


・ Programs and presenters are subject to change due to unavoidable circumstances.
・ Even if more than one person in your company or organization attend the lectures at the same time, each of participant needs to register individually.