[Published in Media] An interview with President Nishioka and activities for Business Scenario were published in the November issue of Nikkei Monozukuri

The November issue of Nikkei Monozukuri 2021, published on November 1, features an interview with President Yasuyuki Nishioka (Professor, Hosei University) and the activities of Business Scenario WG in the last year.


Table of contents of the November 2021 issue of Nikkei Monozukuri https://xtech.nikkei.com/atcl/nxt/mag/nmc/18/NMC_backnumber/202111/


Interview with President Nishioka


6C03: ” Visualization of Human/Thing Performance -Ⅲ (Next Generation IE Pursuit)”Company: Mazda et al.


6A01: “Inspection Automation Platform, Utilization Heaven”
Company: CKD et al.


6E02: “How to connect for mass customization”
Company: IHI et al.


6B01: “Predictive Maintenance of Wear Parts of Production Equipment”

Company: Kurita Sangyo Co. et al.