IVI Matching Seminar was held!

IVI held Matching Seminar 2021 for its members on October 14th. 9 companies presented their component solutions, and about 80 people, mainly members of Business Scenario WG, participated in the seminar on the day.


Presented Component Solutions

(Click on each product name to see the presentation materials)


Company NameProduct nameDescription
Nissin Manufacturing Co., Ltd.Sagane Chief’s IoTA number of analysis screens, that can collect a variety of data from manufacturing sites and directly affect the effects, have been prepared. It is an IoT solution that can grow together with the requirements of the manufacturing sites at the time, from simple visualization of operating conditions to detailed data collection of non-operating factors and data linkage.
ADSTEC CORPORATION NAITNAIT is an AI image recognition software that uses deep turning. It is ready-to-use and does not require programming. By collecting images of good and bad products and training them, a recognition model is automatically generated and can be used immediately. This makes it easy to implement in the field. IVI’s Business Scenario WG has conducted a demonstration test on recognition of defects in welding parts at CKD (with the predecessor of NAIT) and is now planning to conduct a demonstration test on recognition of good and bad press parts at Misuzu Industries Corporation and NICHIDAI.
Smart-FOAFOA-AgileFOA-Agile is a tool, that is, by using the power of digital technology to immediately convert and share the on-site information that has supported Japan’s manufacturing into primary information, the quality and speed of the information can be further improved, and by incorporating the information into daily activity routines, a high-speed PDCA cycle can be realized, strongly supporting on-site improvement and management that can overcome changes and evolve. It strongly supports the improvement and management of workplaces to grow and evolve overcoming changes and fluctuations and is a package that can become an infrastructure for various solutions in the IoT field.
KTSystemEXPIO-MONITOREXPIO-MONITOR is a standard package for IoT facility monitoring as a service program and it provides a dashboard for visualization. Various sensors can be installed and added according to your needs.
Technotree Co., Ltd.XC-Gate.ENT, XC-INOXC-Gate.ENT and XC-INO are solutions that allow you to easily create electronic forms in Excel. They make various checklists and paper forms paperless and improve the efficiency of form operations.
WingArc1st Inc.Dr. Sum and MotionBoardDr.Sum and MotionBoard are components for collecting, storing, analyzing, and visualizing data that is generated every day inside and outside the company, and utilizing it for decision-making and business improvement. They have many features suitable for manufacturing industry, such as ability to process data in real time and represent it using control charts. (Dr. Sum is a product for storing data and MotionBoard is a product for visualizing data.)
NEC CorporationNEC multi-robot controllerThis is an autonomous mobile robot control software that enables the centralized management and control of multiple robots from different manufacturers for the operation of autonomous mobile robots such as AGVs/AMRs.
connectome.designmetabaseIntroduction of AI collaboration development platform “metabase”
Takebishi CorporationDevice Explorer OPC server and othersOPC server software that provides connectivity with PLCs, machine tools, robots, and other control devices operating in manufacturing sites. 230 series or more devices are supported, enabling flexible configuration even in systems where PLCs or SCADAs are different site by site.