– Applications, now closed – [For members] Workshop on Implementing Connected Factory Applications with IVI Block Components will be held

IVI will hold a members-only event, “Workshop on Implementing Connected Factory Applications with IVI Block Components,” on February 3rd (Thursday), 2012. IVI is planning a “Delivery Seminar” that will provide supports from manufacturing site visualization to smartification as a project for the next year. We have planned a workshop prior to that. The outline is as follows, please check it out.

Workshop on Implementing Connected Factory Applications
with IVI Block Components

Date: February 3rd (Thursday), 2022

<Part 1: 10: 00-12: 00> Note: Hands-on participation only
1. Install the system
2. Download business application
3. First, try moving the parts
4. Let’s take a look at the internal structure of the parts
5. How to use it in cooperation with in-house Excel
6. Let’s run the connected ERP version.

<Part 2: 13:00-14:30> Note: Observers can participate.
1. Introduction to the ERP version of “Connected Factories”
2. Relationship between data information in the application
3. Customize the screen
4. Customize the information items
5. Import your own data
6. Use the usual forms as they are

<Part 3: 14:40-16:00> Note: Observers can participate.
1. From Smart Thinking to ERP
2. Problems in individual order based production
3. Simple product master (BOM/BOP) creation
4. Problems with leveling of production by an unofficial announcement
5. Inventory visualization and presentation
6. Procedures for inter-company collaboration using CIOF

Location: Online (Teams)

(1) Hands-on participation (up to 20 people) Part 1 + Part 2 + Part 3
(2) Observer participation (up to 80 people): Part 2 and Part 3 only

Notes: Participants from small and medium-sized manufacturing companies will be given priority participation.

Operation of the workshop:
– Only members of IVI member companies are accepted to participate in.
Note: This event is open to companies, including those that are not members at this time and planning to join IVI.

– Companies must be using data in their business, such as Excel.
– Companies interested in small and medium-sized manufacturing operations such as inventory management and process progress.
– Programming knowledge is not required.

Participation fee: Free (Seminars will be charged from next year.)

Application deadline: January 27th (Thursday), 17:00

Note: If there are too many applications, we may close the registration of the seminar before the 27th.

Other Information:
– Hands-on participants will need a Windows PC available in a network environment.
– Please install the related software and other software beforehand (we will help you to install them).
– The software you use can be used after the workshop.

If you have any questions about the event, please contact IVI Secretariat.