IVI has developed and published manufacturing data distribution framework (First published in Japanese in March, 2019)

 IVI , together with DMG MORI SEIKI Co., Ltd., Hitachi, Ltd., FANUC Co., Ltd., and Mitsubishi Electric Co., Ltd., has developed a framework that enables manufacturing data to be distributed mutually beyond the platforms of participating companies that manage manufacturing data. This project got subsidy from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, which is funded by industrial data sharing promotion project (based on the supplementary budget of 2017), and has been developed. The project is “Open and cooperative business for making a platform of manufacturing “, which is planned to realize “Society 5.0” and “Connected Industries”, which the Japanese government has been proposing.

For more information, see “IVI has developed and published manufacturing data distribution framework”


IVI Newsletter No.25 (February 7, 2019)

  Annual IVI Open Symposium -Spring- has been introduced. The content of the symposium has varied and enriched year by year. It is a place where we think about “Connected manufacturing” together. The symposium would be full. Be sure to apply it soon.

« What is this year for IVI ? ≫

 The year of 2019 has entered into the second month. I would like to ask the director Nishioka about the concept of this year before the symposium. (This article is the same with as the new year mail sent to the members.)

Nishioka: The Fourth Industrial Revolution (or The era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution) seems to have begun finally after the initial boom period. Startup companies and civil activists are expanding the horizon of the digital as much as possible, whereas many bureaucrats who do not know technology and engineers who do not like bureaucrats are not doing so. I do not hear about involvements of Japanese companies and Japanese people in the field. On the other hand, nationality has no meaning in this borderless world.

 For more information, see “IVI Newsletter No.25 (February 7, 2019)”


If you join IVI by the end of February, the participation fee of IVI Open Symposium 2019 -Spring- is free

This is guidance to IVI Open Symposium 2019 -Spring- for those who are considering participations to the symposium.

For more information see here about the symposium 

If you join IVI by the end of February, the symposium participation fee is free, according to the number of memberships.
I hope you plan to join the symposium as well.

For more information, see “ Participation fee for IVI Open Symposium 2019 -Spring- is free when you join IVI by the end of February”


IVI Newsletter No.24 (December 11, 2018)

  December has come very quickly. IVI has been making new efforts for this year. The General Planning Committee established Advanced Research Subcommittee, renewed the webpages of IVI and revised the IVI pamphlet that would be published soon. IVI has been promoting its own presence.
 The plan of IVI Open Symposium –Spring- is fixed. Stay tuned with us.

For more information, see “IVI Newsletter No.24 (Decdember 11, 2019)”


IVI President Nishioka had a speech at Connected Industries Conference 2018, which Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Seko attended (First published in Japanese in October, 2018)

  Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry held “Connected Industries Conference 2018 in Tokyo on October 15, 2018. IVI President Nishioka had a speech as a panelist on was on the stage. IVI was nominated for the lead organization concerning the theme of expansion of collaborative in the field of manufacturing during the session. He exchanged opinions about “Production platform open cooperation business” with the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Seko and the directors of the consortium companies, such as DMG Mori Seiki CEO Mori, Hitachi CEO Higashihara, FANUC Chairman Inaba, and Mitsubishi Electric Special Advisor Yamanishi.

The second from the left hand, IVI President Nishioka, the second from the right hand, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Seko

For more information, see “Director Nishioka was on the stageof Connected Industries Conference 2018, which Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Seko.”


IVI Newsletter No.23 (October 3, 2018)

  The autumn symposium is coming. It is the first time in Osaka. This is an opportunity for those who have never participated in the past and those who have not participated to touch the latest information on “connected manufacturing” and feel “Oh, that ’s what it is”.

«Symposium 2018 -Autumn- attractions»

For more information, see “IVI Newsletter No.23 (October 3, 2018)”


IVI Modeler, Basic version released (First published in Japanese in September, 2018)

  We have released the 2018 version of the IVI Modeler (basic version) for use in the business scenario WG of this year. No license key is required, so any IVI member can use it.

  Unlike the site version, the data is stored on the local computer, so the response has been improved. We’ve included installation and a simple tutorial so please take advantage of it.

For more information, see;


  In addition, downloading is possible from the following site.


Questions and requests are accepted by the open group. Please use this as well.

Members page →  group →  Open Group →  IVI modeler support page


Manufacturing IT Meister Instructor Training (Notice) (First published in Japanese in March, 2018)

  At the IVI Symposium 2018, there is a panel discussion about the human resource image of the manufacturing industry IT Meister, and expectations are rising as a human resource who will be responsible for the future of the new manufacturing industry. Manufacturing IT Meister is a human resource who uses IT and IoT as tools while focusing on manufacturing, gathers on-site trust at one hand, cooperates with other sites, and in some cases other companies A person who uses digital technology with one hand in the field.

  Some large and medium-sized companies may be struggling with such talent. Everyone who is working hard with a small budget, regardless of the information system department, please gather! Even in a small and medium-sized company, you are not an IT expert as a president’s right arm, but you are struggling to digitize in-house using Excel and various free software! Would you like to learn knowledge and technology again at the seminar and expand your human network?

For more information, see “ Manufacturing IT Meister Instructor Training (Notice) ”


IVI Newsletter No.20 (March 5, 2018)

  The spring public symposium is finally approaching.

  I have received steady application, but since there is still free, you wondering will again guide you towards is.
  It is a two- day period where many participating members gather together .

  Please participate in the symposium.

For more information, see “IVI Newsletter No.20 (2018/3/5)”


IVRA-Next has been released (First published in Japanese in March, 2018)

  The connected manufacturing strategy IVRA-Next has been released.

For more information, see the link below;


  IVI has arranged various issues that will be important in the future as the digitization of manufacturing in the manufacturing industry has progressed in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and has proposed a reference model (reference architecture).

  With the further spread of IoT in mind, we will unveil the strategies necessary for each manufacturing industry to actually take a new step from concept to practice and the grand design for concrete manufacturing.

  The relationship between competition and cooperation, digitalization and analog was clearly indicated by the keyword of loose standards. We hope that you can refer to the realization of a new “connected manufacturing”.