IVI Connected Manufacturing Award 2018 decided (First published in Japanese in October, 2018)

  2017 was active in fiscal 22 from among the business scenario WG, IVI award is decided as follows;

“AI productivity of the production line by improving and automation development – first step: commitment to the inspection process – Facilitator: Mazda Motor Corporation”

  According to a general review by Chairman Eisaaki Nishimura (Brother Kogyo Co., Ltd.), the Business Collaboration Committee, not only improved equipment operation and productivity, but also a major issue in Japanese manufacturing today, such as quality improvement and traceability guarantees. Also praised it for its great achievements.

For more information, see “IVI Manufacturing Awards 2018 


IVI and the Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) signed MOU (First published in Japanese in August, 2018)

  IVI is the leading research machine development organization in Taipei City on August 30 , 2018 , “ Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan (hereinafter referred to as ITRI )” and industrial IoT (Industrial IoT : IIoT) . We have signed a consensus document (MoU) to be linked in the promotion .

IVI and ITRI have agreed to collaborate on the following activities:

  1. Exchange and share technologies and knowledge
  2. Share use cases
  3. A wide range of activities in areas that can cooperate with each other, such as promoting exchanges and collaboration between the two

In the center of the photo, President Nishioka

  IVI and ITRI will collaborate with each other in order to nurture the ecosystem by sharing information on Industry 4.0 between Japan and Taiwan, creating use cases through mutual participation in activities, and connecting industrial platforms.


IVI Modeler, Basic version released (First published in Japanese in September, 2018)

  We have released the 2018 version of the IVI Modeler (basic version) for use in the business scenario WG of this year. No license key is required, so any IVI member can use it.

  Unlike the site version, the data is stored on the local computer, so the response has been improved. We’ve included installation and a simple tutorial so please take advantage of it.

For more information, see;


  In addition, downloading is possible from the following site.

Questions and requests are accepted by the open group. Please use this as well.

Members page →  group →  Open Group →  IVI modeler support page


IIC & IVI joint use cases sharing seminar was held (First published in Japanese in June, 2018)

  Industrial IoT ( IIoT headquarters was founded in the United States Industrial Internet Consortium (less for the realization of) IIC ( Industrial Internet Consortium and))) IVI is, 2017 years 4 May 26 days, in Hannover, Germany , Signed a consensus document ( MoU ) to cooperate in promoting Industrial IoT ( IIoT ) .

For more information, see “IIC & IVI joint use cases sharing seminar, the second was held.”


IIC & IVI joint use cases share Seminar, Guidance (First published in Japanese in April, 2018)

  Industrial Internet Consortium (hereinafter, IIC ) and the Industrial IoT ( IIoT ) agreement to work together in promoting ( MoU signed in) in Hanover, Germany on April 26, 2018. Based on this agreement, this time, the first 2 rounds of IIC and IVI we have decided to implement a joint seminar. This is an event that can be widely attended by non- IIC and IVI members. You can share IIC and IVI activities, test bed activities conducted by IIC , and work scenario WG activities conducted by IVI. It becomes a place.

  Although I think that it is a frequent use, I would like to take this opportunity to participate in the IIC and IVI use case sharing seminar.

◆ date and time: June 1, 2018 (Friday) 13:15 ~17:20 (Registration starts at 13:00)

◆ Venue: Tokyo Big Sight 1 floor Reception Hall A

◆ Capacity: 420 people (can participate widely besides IIC and IVI members) * Simultaneous interpretation provided

◆ How to apply – IVI members (who have a member account): Please apply from the IVI member-only page. -Non -members / IVI members who do not have a member account : Register in advance for the joint exhibition “Smart Factory Japan 2018 ” and apply from there. 

For more information, see;
Program ( PDF )

Contact: IVI Secretariat


IVI and Japan Electrical Manufacturers’ Association (JEMA) signed MoU (First published in Japanese in April, 2018)

   IVI and Japan Electrical Manufacturers Association (chairman Kitazawa Michihiro) and, in the promotion of the realization and the electronics industry of smart Manufacturing, agreed to work together and cooperate with each other agreements on April 19, 2018.

IVI President Nishioka and JEMA President Ebizuka

For more information, see “IVI and the Japan Electrical Manufacturers’ Association (JEMA) signed MOU.”


Startup seminar (Notice) (First published in Japanese in April, 2018)

  Startup seminar & welcome seminar (non-members can participate)

  Finally, IVI will start the activities of the fiscal year 2018 . The following seminars will be held so that this year’s activities will be meaningful to more members. Please participate in the seminar.

For more information, see “ Startup Seminar (Notice) ”


IoT and Cost Management Symposium (First published in Japanese in April, 2018)

  IVI ( Industrial Value Chain Initiative ) jointly launched the IoT and Cost Management Study Group in May 2017 with the Japan Cost Accounting Research Society (President Hiroshi Obata, Professor of Graduate School of Commerce, Hitotsubashi University, IVI Academic Member) , in month 1 we have held a workshop in times of pace.

For more information, see “The IoT and Cost Management Symposium was held.”

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